Ginger is a well loved, tried and tested, flavoursome spice that has been revered for a myriad of health benefits throughout the aeons. It is mentioned in ancients texts and has been prized by many different cultures as long as mankind can remember. Ginger is zingy and warming, with a distinctive zesty flavour and aroma. It comes in yellow, white and red varieties; we use the underground rhizome part of the plant…

Gingers’ incredible healing effects put it right at the top of my list of go-to plant-foods for medicinal purposes. However, apart from being good for detoxification and cleansing, it can also turn salads, desserts, bakes and juices into delicious, lively culinary delights. In this article, we are going to look at why ginger is so good for us and how you might incorporate it into your daily diet with a few healthful recipe ideas.

So why is ginger so good for us?

Exceptional antioxidant content
An antioxidant is a molecule that is able to inhibit the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation often produces free radicals which, then instigate a chain reaction that can damage cells. In extreme cases, leading to cancer. Antioxidants intervene by eliminating these free radicals and preventing damage. Ginger is literally loaded with antioxidants!

Excellent remedy for nausea and motion sickness
Ginger is an excellent natural remedy for travel sickness, morning sickness or nausea; and with good reason. It has a long history in this area, having consistently proven its effectiveness at reducing dizziness and nausea. The active ingredients in ginger are potent, so you don’t need very much of it either. It has a reputation for being safe for pregnant women too, making it a great remedy for morning sickness.

Relieves flatulence and acts as a great digestion aid
Ginger acts as a carminative (prevents flatulence) and an intestinal spasmolytic (which means that it soothes the intestinal tract). This makes it excellent at soothing digestive disorders and calming down flatulence.

Anti-cancer benefits
Studies strongly suggest that gingerols, the active phyto-nutrients in ginger are beneficial against cancer cells. The major down side, is that most of the studies involve animal testing.

Powerful anti-inflammatory
Various studies on people with inflammatory disorders and diseases such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis have shown that ginger has a powerful anti-inflammatory action. Gingerols are the primary active anti-inflammatory agent within ginger and are said to have very potent effects when ginger is consumed regularly.

A natural expectorant to help coughs
Regular consumption of ginger encourages the release of mucus.

Promotes healthy circulation
Ginger stimulates the tissues with the body, whilst lowering the blood pressure. This all encourages healthy circulation. Furthermore, ginger prevents platelets from clumping together in the bloodstream, which thins the blood, reducing risk of atherosclerosis and blood clots.

Helps warm you up when you are cold
Gingers circulatory, perspiration-inducing and stimulation properties mean that it can also warm you up when you are cold. So, when your body wants to start shutting down during the winter chill, bring more ginger into your daily cuisine and enjoy the naturally warming effect.

Effective detoxification aid
Ginger is known to promote healthy sweating, which encourages the release of toxins. Add in it’s exceptional antioxidant qualities and other benefits, then you have a top detoxification food.

Other benefits of healthy sweating from ginger
As well as the natural detoxification benefits of healthy sweating, scientists have recently found that sweat contains a substance called dermicidin – a powerful germ fighting agent. Dermicidin is said to be deposited on the surface of the skin to protect against invading micro-organisms.

How to use ginger in your daily life…

How to make fresh ginger tea

Home made ginger tea is more potent and helpful than shop bought tea bags.

The most basic way to make ginger tea is this:

  • Steep some fresh chopped ginger in hot water.

My favourite method for ginger & lemon tea is:

  • Finely grate a heaped teaspoon of fresh ginger.
  • Boil up in a pan with 2 to 3 cups of water.
  • Add a dash of maple syrup and a squeeze of lemon and enjoy through out the day.


Healthy ginger recipe ideas

Carrot & Ginger Wellnes soup 2 Carrot & Ginger Wellness Soup

With a healthy infusion of ginger this soup leaves you with a well satiated feeling. It is also jam-packed full of high quality nutritional goodness with it’s carrots, lentils and coconut. As always, I recommend that you use organic produce to give yourself (and the planet) an extra infusion of goodness.

Get recipe here: Carrot & Ginger Wellness Soup with Coconut & Lentils

Ginger hemp smoothie sqGinger & Hemp Power Smoothie

Fresh ginger goes amazingly well in smoothies like this one. The combination of other healing foods that I use like hemp seed and antioxidant rich blueberries make it an alchemical force to be reckoned with. Upping daily portions of ginger can be instrumental to any healing process.

Get recipe here: Ginger & Hemp ‘heal yourself’ Power Smoothie

Roast Cashew Soup SQRoast Cashew Soup with Ginger & Squash

Ginger lends itself perfectly to this roast cashew & squash soup. It has a beautiful silken earthiness amidst the other ingredients. With ginger, coriander, roast garlic and squash, it creates an exciting feast of gently sweet, aromatic and delectable deliciousness.

Get recipe here: Roast Cashew Soup with Ginger & Squash

beet-cauli-salad2sqGinger Raw Slaw with Beet & Cauliflower

Nothing quite gets me excited about salads as a colourful, vibrant ginger raw-slaw. I just love, love, love, nutrient-packed  raw veggies, dancing in a flavoursome, creamy vegan sauce. In true conscious kitchen style, every ingredient I use is naturally brimming with goodness

Get recipe here: Ginger Raw Slaw with Beet & Cauli

Beet & Ginger Salad squareGinger Beet Salad with Almond Butter Dressing

A super-healthful salad recipe, because you can never eat too many healthy salads. This is the sort of thing I eat regularly for lunch. It serves well as a side dish with rice, potato wedges, millet or quinoa; or as part of a salad buffet medley along with a delicious dip.

Get recipe here: Ginger Beet Salad

Ginger Power Detox Juice_SQGinger Power Detox Juice

This is my recipe for a deliciously vibrant, detoxification juice using ginger, beetroot, carrots, celery and apple. Ideal as part of a detox or cleansing program or as part of your weekly juicing rhythm.

Check it out here: Ginger Power Detox Juice


Herb capsules

If you can’t get fresh ginger easily or you want to take it daily in it’s dried form (in a vegi-capsule) for therapeutic purposes; then, you can purchase ginger capsules at your local health food store or online.
They vary in quality. I’d recommend a good brand like these here: Solgar Full Potency Ginger Root Vegetable Capsules

More resources and research on ginger benefits: