I can taste it already… delightful spices, vibrant colours and a myriad of different textures, all creating a feast for the senses. Let’s look at some of the best vegan curry night recipes!

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    1. Easy sweet potato curry
    2. Thai coconut curry with butternut squash
    3. Chickpea curry in 15 minutes
    4. Green bean and tofu curry
    5. Easy red lentil and tomato dhal
    6. Beetroot dhal with leeks, ginger and coconut
    7. Red lentil and butternut squash dhal
    8. Perfect yellow rice
    9. Fresh mango and ginger chutney
    10. Baked pakoras
    11. Baked onion bhaji slices
    12. Baked beet bhajis
    13. Oat chappatis
    14. Chickpea flour chappatis
    15. Ginger cauliflower raw-slaw 

This article is here to inspire you to explore different delicious ideas so that you can come up with your own, perfect curry night. Everything here is vegan, gluten-free and free from refined sugar.

Gluten-free Vegan Curry Night Recipes

Here are some of the things that might appear on my table for curry night…


Vegan curry recipes

1. Easy Sweet Potato Curry 

I am using simple ingredients that really want to be in the pot together. Sometimes it doesn’t take a whole lot to make something delicious. For this recipe, I am also using pre-blended curry powder (rather than suggesting individual spices). Sweet potato, tomato, and coconut. A marriage made in heaven.

Easy Vegan curry recipe - Sweet Potato and Coconut Curry with Chickpeas - absolutely divine by Anastasia, Kind Earth

2. Thai Coconut Curry with Butternut Squash

This ‘Thai Coconut Curry’, uses kaffir lime for a tangy kick; cardamom pods for an exquisite burst of sweet, spicy excitement; coriander, turmeric and lots of other delicious things. I use creamed coconut in this vegan curry recipe to give it a full tropical coconut experience.

Thai Coconut Vegan Curry Recipe with Butternut Squash by Anastasia - gluten-free, vegan

3. Chickpea Curry in 15 Minutes

One of the secrets of cooking food quickly is to select produce that doesn’t take long to cook and/or then chop things really small. In this vegan curry recipe, I am using leeks and mushrooms, which sauté to perfection in a couple of minutes. In this case, the sweet potato is sliced, wafer-thin and the chickpeas are pre-cooked.Easy vegan curry recipe - chickpea curry in 15 minutes

4. Green Bean & Tofu Curry

This curry is made with simple ingredients. It has a base of coconut milk and is very forgiving and adaptable if you switch out any of the ingredients.
Green bean and tofu vegan curry recipe with coconut milk by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Vegan dahl recipes for your curry night

5. Easy Red Lentil & Tomato Dhal

With only four ingredients, this high-protein dahl is an excellent recipe for any vegan curry night. It is super quick to make, freezes well and sizes up nicely if you want to make it for a large group.Easy red lentil tomato dahl with brown basmati rice

6. Beetroot Masala Dhal with Leeks, Ginger & Coconut

This vegan dahl is a rather easy blend, containing leeks, red lentils, tomatoes (in the form of passata/crushed tomatoes), garam masala and a hint of coconut. The flavours all dance and entwine in the pot, to create a wonderful feast of deliciousness.

Beetroot masala dahl with leeks, ginger, coconut - easy plant-based meal

7. Red Lentil and Butternut Squash Dhal

A simple and inexpensive dhal recipe using roasted butternut squash. This vegan curry night recipe has a delicious, deep earthy sweetness. It is filling, nourishing and really hits the spot. Butternut squash dal recipe by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Make rice to go with your curry

8. Perfect Yellow Rice

No vegan curry night is complete without the yellow, turmeric rice. In this recipe, we are looking for delightful, perfectly cooked individual grains of rice that don’t clump together. It serves beautifully hot, with curry and all that jazz.

A good healthy chutney for your vegan curry night

9. Fresh Mango & Ginger Chutney

A super healthy version of freshly prepared chutney really tops off a curry night. I find this mango chutney exceedingly more-ish. My version is sweet (but not too sweet) with a warming spicy tang – a rather delightful adventure for the taste buds!
Fresh Ginger & Mango Chutney with cardamom - super healthy vegan gluten-free

Baked bhajis and pakora recipes

Bhajis and pakoras are Indian snack food, typically served with chutney. As street food, they tend to be deep fried, but here in the Kind Earth Kitchen, we bake ours for an extra healthy delicious snack. Excellent recipes for a gluten-free vegan curry night.

10. Baked Pakora

This is the most popular recipe on my blog. And with good reason. Baked pakora is a super healthy, insanely delicious way to top off your vegan curry night. Made with chickpea flour, grated veggies and warming spices they are very easy and go down a treat.Baked Pakora - a delicious, healthy alternative to the deep fried version - Gluten-free Vegan Indian Food

11. Baked Onion Bhaji Slices

Amazing gluten-free street food that serves well as part of a curry buffet. Nice to dip into the mango chutney or dhal. The baked onion bhaji slices offer an excellent alternative to the traditional deep-fried onion bhajis.

Based onion bhaji slices with fresh ginger, chickpea flour - healthy, gluten-free vegan by Anastasia, Kind Earth

12. Baked Beet Bhajis 

Colourful, and inexpensive to make. These delicious bhajis are baked rather than deep fried. Baked beetroot bhajis, ginger, spices, chickpea flour - Anastasia, Kind Earth. Gluten-free, vegan


Gluten-free vegan chapati (roti) alternative recipes

Chapati (also known as roti) is a simple, unleavened flatbread, usually made with wheat flour. It’s an inexpensive accompaniment to a vegan curry or dhal recipe, often used to scoop up dhal or curry. Here are some gluten-free versions…

12. “Chapati alternative” – Two ingredient Oat Skillet Wraps

This is an excellent homemade addition to a curry night.
Made with a cast-iron skillet, these oat wraps are very popular and delicious. 

Simple Oat Wraps - using a cast iron skillet #vegan #glutenfree - staffordshire oatcakes by Anastasia at Kind Earth

13. Chickpea Flour chapatti alternative

These gluten-free vegan flatbread wraps make a fabulous addition to a curry night. They work well to dunk in your dahl or chutney.

Gluten-free wraps by Anastasia

Salads for curry night

14. Ginger Raw Slaw with Cauliflower & Beetroot

Nothing quite gets me excited about salads as a colourful, vibrant ginger raw-slaw. I just love, love, love, nutrient-packed raw veggies, dancing in a flavoursome, creamy vegan sauce. Every ingredient I use is naturally brimming with goodness, helping to provide a plethora of health-affirming deliciousness.



I do hope that you found something that you enjoyed here today.
Anastasia x

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Vegan curry recipes - gluten-free, healthy vegan for your curry night


Vegan curry night recipes, curries, dhal, chutney, chapati. All gluten-free, no refined sugar and totally plant-based.