How to use beets in recipes I hear you say? Well hello – you have come to the right place! Beets (known as beetroot here in the UK), have a sweet, earthy flavour and are jam-packed with nutritious benefits. In this article, I am going to share a list of my top beet recipes.

They are all easy, and delicious and will transform your experience of beets forever. 

From raw grated, beet in a salad, to roasted beets in falafels or hummus, vegan beet burgers, and baked beet bhajis – I promise you, there is something for everyone to love here. 

Scroll down the page for the full beet recipe list. Here’s a quick peek at what’s in store then scroll down for recipes…

  1. Simple roasted beets
  2. Baked beet falafels
  3. Vegan beet burgers
  4. Beet Buddha bites
  5. Stuffed beet peppers
  6. Beetroot flatbread
  7. Beet hummus
  8. Baked beet bhajis
  9. Beet slaw with tahini dressing
  10. Black-eyed bean & beetroot salad
  11. Leek & beetroot English winter soup
  12. Beet masala dhal
  13. Beet & pear power juice
  14. Ginger ninja beet juice

Vegan beet recipes (all gluten-free)

Simple roasted beets

This is the easiest, most delicious way to cook your beets. Roasted beets is a fuss-free recipe using fresh beetroot, and the tiniest amount of sea salt and olive oil to bring out their beautiful earthy sweetness.

Roasted beets recipe by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Baked beet falafels

An excellent way to make falafels with a beetroot red colour. The deep sweet flavour of the beets compliments the flavour of the other falafel ingredients to perfection.

Vegan beet burgers

A truly delicious veggie burger with beets as the star of the show. Using hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and grated beetroot as the main ingredients, this recipe is an excellent find.

Hemp seed & beetroot burgers - gluten-free vegan by Anastasia at Kind Earth

Beet Buddha bowl bites

This is one of the most versatile beet recipes, making excellent finger food, picnic food, and snack food. It also works well as a part of a salad bowl or main meal. These beet bites freeze well, making them an excellent make-ahead or batch-making food. Beet Buddha bowl bites recipe…

Beet Buddha Bowl Bite with beetroot, sunflower seed, hemp seed, ginger and parsley by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Stuffed beet peppers

A fabulous way to use beets if you want to impress your guests and make a meal that looks very fancy. Secretly, it’s ridiculously easy (shhhh, don’t tell). Stuffed beet peppers recipe…

Beetroot & Sunflower Seed Stuffed Sweet Peppers with Ginger Sauce, gluten-free, vegan by Anastasia

Beetroot flatbread

A clever way to make a gluten-free vegan flatbread recipe using beets and chickpea flour. Beetroot flatbread recipe…

Beetroot Flatbread - gluten-free, vegan, super healthy

Beet hummus recipe

Nothing beats a dollop of beetroot hummus to serve with a falafel platter. I also use this alongside a salad or to serve on crackers. Beetroot hummus recipe…

Beetroot hummus by Anastasia - Beets - gluten-free vegan dip for salads, falafel and pitta bread.

Baked beet bhaji recipe

A surprisingly simple and super healthy way to make beet bhajis. Instead of deep frying, we bake them in the oven. Delicious and made with chickpea flour, making them naturally gluten-free.

Baked beetroot bhajis, ginger, spices, chickpea flour - Anastasia, Kind Earth. Gluten-free, vegan

Beet salad recipes

One of my favourite ways to use beets is raw, in a salad.

You can grate your beetroot and mix it with other delicious vegetables. Beets work a treat with herbs and a healthy salad dressing.

Here are a couple of fine examples of how you can use grated beets in a salad.

Beetroot slaw with tahini dressing

Now we’re talking! One of the best recipes to make with beets is raw. In a salad. This one has a delectable tahini sauce with it. Beetroot slaw recipe…

Beetroot Slaw with Tahini Dressing Vegan, Gluten-free

Black-eyed bean and beetroot salad

Another lovely salad recipe using raw beets. This time I have added black-eyed beans (also called black-eyed peas) for extra protein. Black-eyed bean and beet salad…

Blackeyed Bean Beetroot Salad with Tahini Sauce by Trinity - gluten-free, vegan recipe

Beet soups and stew recipes

Red beetroot makes for an impressive, deep, colourful dish, however, you make it. I enjoy it as a blended medley in a soup or a stew for a deliciously hearty, warm meal. Here are a couple of delicious ideas on how to use beets to make soup or stew…

Leek & beetroot English winter soup

A nice bit of hearty, warming food as the colder days start setting in. Making use of local produce, this leek and beetroot soup really hits the spot. Leek & beetroot soup recipe…

Leek & Beetroot English Winter Soup - vegan, gluten-free by Trinity

Beet masala dhal

This is a great addition to a curry night, alongside rice and another curry. With fresh ginger and coconut, this beet recipe is simply delicious. It can also be eaten as a stew with bread or chapattis. Beet masala dhal recipe…

Beetroot masala dahl with leeks, ginger, coconut - easy plant-based meal

Beet juice recipes

If you have a juicer then you’ll be pleased to know that beet juice is the perfect way to get a quick infusion of this super-healthy food into your body.

Add in a few other nutritious gems and you have a marriage made in heaven. There are lots of combinations (the limit is your imagination). I enjoy beets with greens, celery and ginger. Here are a couple of delicious beet juice ideas to get you started…

Beet & pear power juice

A powerful medley of simple vegetables, including beets, to make a highly nutritious beet & pear power juice recipe.

Ginger ninja beet juice recipe

This is the beetroot flu-shot juice that you need if you need a potent infusion of goodness. 

Ginger ninja Flu Shot - ginger, beetroot & apple juice by Anastasia, Kind Earth

A final note…

I do hope that you find something here that you make and enjoy. Please remember to let me know how you get on in the comments. Thank you for taking the time to visit my page here.

with love

Anastasia x

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Beet recipes, gluten-free, vegan, healthy by Anastasia, Kind Earth