Quinoa burger recipe made with quinoa flakes and roast squash

How about some delicious, healthy patties that are crispy on the outside, and soft and earthy sweet on the inside? Today, I'm excited to share my quinoa burger recipe made with roast squash and quinoa flakes. Quinoa flakes happen to be the perfect ingredient for making gluten-free vegan burgers or patties. Who knew!?!! And then [...]

Quinoa Bars Recipe made with quinoa flakes and almonds

In this recipe, we are going to make quinoa bars using quinoa flakes and almonds. They are completely vegan and gluten-free, as always here. But before we start, you need to know that these quinoa bars are insanely more-ish. And they only have FIVE ingredients! To make them especially delectable, I have sweetened them with [...]

Best quinoa porridge recipe you’ll ever have (ready in 10 minutes)

In this breakfast recipe we will be using quinoa flakes to make the best vegan quinoa porridge that you'll ever taste. If you've not yet used them, then I promise you that they'll change your experience of quinoa breakfast forever! If you care about health, then I cannot recommend quinoa (both whole 'grain' and flakes) [...]

Gluten-free vegan party food recipes and crowd pleasers

These days there are a tonne of people choosing not to eat gluten or animal products, and being a plant-based chef (and gluten-free specialist), I'm often asked for gluten-free vegan party food recipes and ideas. Sometimes it's because of allergies. At other times it's food sensitivity. Then there are other health reasons, ethical reasons or [...]

EASY Vegan Curry In A Hurry Recipe – sweet potato, creamed coconut

Nothing beats a delicious sweet potato curry made with as little fuss as possible. Today's recipe is called Curry In A Hurry for a good reason. It requires five minutes to prepare and then it can be left pretty much to itself allowing those delicious flavours dance together and cook. Basically, you can make this curry FROM [...]