Fresh pickled beetroot salad with sweet potato and basil

This is pickled beetroot salad is super easy to make! I created it when a friend brought over some fresh picked beetroots recently. What are pickled beetroots? Pickled beetroots (called beets in the USA) are cooked beets that have been preseved in vinegar. Sometimes they are also pickled with salt and sugar and sold in [...]

Magical Life of Salads: Beetroot Slaw with Tahini Dressing (recipe & sneak peek at course)

Move over limp lettuce and soggy cucumber... we want delicious, filling, hearty magical salads, and, we want them now 🤣! It's no exaggeration to say that I've spent my whole adult life getting excited about making good salads. Whether I am serving people on retreats (I am a plant-based retreat chef) or teaching others how [...]

Gluten-free Vegan Wraps – soft and wrappable

Quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread - gluten-free vegan wraps that work. Homemade, gluten-free wraps that are wrappable. We are talking about an excellent, healthy tortilla-style wrap that you can use in a multitude of different ways. You might have already noticed some of the nasty ingredients in the packaged varieties. Today my [...]

Super Healthy Immune-Boosting Salad (and the immune system made simple)

In this article, I am sharing my favourite recipe for a super healthy immune-boosting salad. We'll also look at what the immune system is in simple terms, and why the ingredients in this healthy salad are so good for our health. Enjoying a healthy plant-based diet, including salads, means that you are getting immune-boosting nutrients [...]

Mam’s Hawaiian Pickled Daikon – made easy (white radish, mooli)

When I wrote this I was in Hawaii, visiting my Mam. We'd had gotten some fabulous daikon (also called mooli or white radish) from the farmers market and was like 'let's make picked daikon'.   It was Mam who inspired me originally in the kitchen. Growing up in Northumberland, England, Mam always made the most [...]