Coconut, Mint & Pea Soup “out-of-this-world delicious” – Healthy vegan recipe

This is perhaps one of the most popular soup recipes that I make. When I say popular, I mean, judging by the response I get when I serve this to group. Oh my goodness, on the most recent retreat I catered for in Sweden, I was absolutely showered with 'OMG, this is the best ever' [...]

Roast Cashew Soup with Butternut Squash & Ginger (dairy-free, vegan)

Most of the time involved in creating this soup is spent waiting for things to bake and cook quietly in the background, whilst you can be getting on with something else in the kitchen. The roast cashew in this is a real gift as it entwines it’s rich, silken earthiness amidst the other ingredients. With [...]

Minted Nettle & Pea Soup with coconut (dairy-free, vegan)

Nettles are an amazing food that deserve a place in every conscious kitchen. If we respect mother nature, she unveils a carpet of super foods without the need for us to rush off and fill our shopping baskets, or spend a small fortune on supplements in supermarkets or health food stores. Nettles are jam packed with high vibrational goodness and have been well documented throughout the aeons for a myriad of health benefits.