How to make a vegan smoothie thick, creamy and nutritious?

The reason I got so good at making super creamy vegan smoothies is practice. Mastery. Making them again and again and again. Thousands of times. Literally. So that you don't have to 😂 I'll be honest, for years the only thing I ever ate for breakfast was a smoothie. A super creamy vegan smoothie actually. [...]

Chaga Chocolate Drink Recipe – superfood style

I've been getting excited about chaga recently. Chaga is a very nutrient dense wild 'mushroom' known for it's exceptional medicinal benefits. As a recipe developer I've been working on creating the most delicious chaga hot chocolate drink. I think I've nailed it!!! Chaga mushroom powder makes a good substitute for coffee, tea and has a [...]

10 Simple habits that keep you inspired with plant-based cooking

Have you ever wondered why some people want to cook delicious, wholesome foods in their kitchen every day and some people don't? Let's have a quick look at why. Then let's look at ideas to change things so you'll want to be in your kitchen and enjoy super healthy plant-based food every day. Sound good? [...]

Immune Boosting Juice – 3 ways (and tips on getting a juicer)

Juice plant-foods and you'll benefit from an almost instant immune boost for the system! There are few things in life that give you such a rapid infusion of nutrients whilst making you feel so vibrant and alive! Given the incredible benefits that juicing can bring it really needs to find its way right to the [...]

Super Healthy Immune-Boosting Salad (and the immune system made simple)

In this article, I am sharing my favourite recipe for a super healthy immune-boosting salad. We'll also look at what the immune system is in simple terms, and why the ingredients in this healthy salad are so good for our health. Enjoying a healthy plant-based diet, including salads, means that you are getting immune-boosting nutrients [...]

Super Immune Boosting Smoothie with Turmeric, Ginger & Hemp

With the dreaded virus abound many of us are looking for effective ways to boost our immune system at the moment. I am staying fairly positive here, thank goodness. That means I am including lots of healthy stuff in my daily cuisine. However, with current times of concern, I've taken things up a notch and [...]