This article about compassionate eating for empaths is intended for empaths or anyone who might consider themselves as a highly sensitive person. So if that’s you, then please do read on…

An empath is a person with an extraordinary gift – the ability to feel energy and emotions of other people and other sentient beings, within themselves. When embraced, this gift can serve the purpose of deep healing, both for ourselves and others in the the world around us.

Eating for empaths is not just about food… it’s all about energy

As empaths and sensitive people, we are all about energy; sensing and feeling the energy of other people and sentient beings, within ourselves. Every morsel we eat plays a role on that journey. The energy of our food becomes a part of our being, it goes soul deep – flooding into our cells; directly impacting our vibration by either lowering or raising it (depending on what we choose to consume). We are spiritual beings in physical, human bodies – aspiring to ever higher realms of awareness. Eating compassionately has the power to heal and reconnect us to the universal flow. It can unleash trapped energy, free the soul and raise our vibration. The energy of every bite counts!

There is a thread that joins all sentient life together

As an Awakened Empath, earlier on in my journey, I was determined to embrace a lifestyle where I would thrive. I felt deeply moved to live with peace in my heart. As empaths, we know in our hearts that all beings are worthy of love and compassion. There is a thread that joins us all together… plants, people, animals and all sentient life. When we tug at that thread, we find that everything is connected. What we do to another, we ultimately do to ourselves. At our deepest levels there is a yearning to become whole again and to honour our interconnectivity with all other sentient beings.

If you are an Empath, you are seeded to awaken and raise your vibration; to shine the light so that others can wake up too. That’s why you are here reading this now. One of the most important (and often overlooked) ways that we can support ourselves on the Empath journey is by eating consciously.

Eating some types of food disconnects us from Source

I found that denying and neglecting my physical body, by eating foods that weren’t optimal for me, totally disconnected me from Source. Unhealthy foods ultimately make us feel like crap. Eating lifeless, processed stuff, makes us feel lifeless and processed. Consuming meat and animal products make us suffer energetically as we become responsible for the pain and suffering that happened to the animals we consume. As Empaths, we take on that energy. These things drain our energy and hinder the flow of life force through our being.

The Benefits of Compassionate Eating for Empaths

When I contemplate the benefits of compassionate eating, the list is huge. Here are just a few of the ways I’ve noticed that it can support us on the spiritual journey…

  • helps bring our blockages to light (so we can let them go)
  • allows us to absorb positive life force
  • naturally makes us feel more vibrant
  • draws us back to unity and oneness
  • awakens the life force within us
  • energises us so that we can, in turn, support others
  • helps us attune to our higher purpose
  • naturally makes us feel closer to ‘home’
  • helps us to stay more balanced
  • reconnects us to the flow of universal life energy
  • releases energy and trapped emotions from the cells of the body
  • means that we take on less stuff from the food we eat
  • naturally helps us feel interconnected with all sentient life
  • helps us shine a brighter light

What is compassionate eating for empaths?

Compassionate eating is not just about food, it’s about whole, complete beingness. It’s about embracing the full cycle of life – so that when you enjoy each morsel, it melts you back into one, whole and complete, a boundless spiritual being. As an empath it means you can feel peace in your heart, knowing that you are making the best choices available to you.

Contemplate your choices

Every piece of food should be vibrant and full of life-force – a divine spark of the cosmos. This energy reminds us of who we truly are, so if that food is to become a part of our own journey, then it all starts with a simple contemplation of where your food comes from. A few things to contemplate…

How is it produced and transported?
How is Mother Earth respected in the process?
Are the farm workers treated fairly?
Are our fellow creatures harmed?


Breaking free from out-dated paradigms

If you tug at one thread, then you will likely find that the whole ‘garment’ begins to unravel. Don’t be alarmed, because this ‘unraveling’ is an important part of the spiritual journey. Looking at life with an open-heart, transparency and profound self-honesty are important steps for evolution of the soul. This is how we break free of the restrictions that bind us to out-dated paradigms. You don’t have to be perfect at it – just make the best choices you can.

Embrace the best options available to you

Our fast-paced, money-making society hasn’t made compassionate choices easy. You may need to re-define your world. Explore and find the best options you can. You’ll be surprised at what can be done. You are probably embracing some of these ways already…

  • Use homegrown and local wherever possible:
    Homegrown, organic and local ingredients have the highest vibration of all, brimming with a vibrational life force, especially when grown with an open-heart and gathered with gratitude.
  • Find organic foods:
    Organic foods not only carry a higher vibration with more nutrients to nourish us than their chemical-laden cousins, but they cause minimal harm to Mother Earth. 

  • Find fairly traded foods:
    Fairtrade ingredients
    are embalmed with the energy of love as we support our fellow human beings with justice, with fair energy exchange.
  • Compassionate eating:
    Make compassionate food choices by honouring our fellow animals. We are all connected, so embrace the plant-based nourishment gifted from Mother Earth. Eating compassionately has a very beneficial, vibrational raising effect on our spiritual energy field. My recipe books are both totally plant-based and over-flowing with compassion.

Make your food from the heart

Our energy feeds into everything we do. So, be present. Close your eyes for a moment and let go. Be ‘here’ and ‘now’. Gather your ingredients together with care. Connect with each ingredient as you prepare it. This might seem like a simple act, easy to overlook its importance. Just being present – in the moment – is a powerful practice for spiritual growth. It helps you appreciate the gift of food. It helps to bring peace and calm to the moment. Preparing food with love is nourishment for the soul. Check out my article for “Raw Cacao & Coconut Energy Balls and the importance of making food from the heart”.

Eating for Empaths: Giving thanks

Authentic appreciation is a powerful way to raise your vibration and send ripples out into the wider world. Taking a moment to pause before eating, allows space for gratitude. Offer genuine thanks for the circle of life that nourishes your soul. The important thing is to connect with your food and allow a natural arising appreciation to permeate into the field around you.

Eat slowly and savour the taste

Eating slowly and savouring the taste sounds simple, yet it’s amazing how many people rush their food, chatting away. Switch off your phone and T.V. (if you have one) and really taste your food. Connect with the texture, flavours, and vibrational life force, then you will begin to embrace from a centred place of true experience. You will feel much more guided on how much to eat and what your body actually needs for optimal health.

Recipe inspiration: Eating for Empaths and Sensitives

If you resonate with this article and need recipe inspiration, then you’ll absolutely love my recipes (if you’ve already discovered them, then you’ll already know what I mean). Creating conscious cuisine is a passion of mine. As well as being an empath and highly sensitive person, I am a retreat chef on spiritual courses. It’s a wonderful way for me to infuse love into delectably delicious cuisine and show others how inspiring and uplifting compassionate food can be.

What the world needs right now

Remember YOU are awesome and what the world really needs right now, is for you to shine. So, embrace conscious choices so that you can shine like the sun.

Soul to Soul