If there is one animal on this planet more than any other that stirs my soul, it is the Dove. When I close my eyes to communicate with these wonderful birds, I feel a sort of translucent purity of light that transcends everyday chatter. We communicate with profound self-honesty and purity of spirit inspiring a lightness of being that instantly connects me to the light that flows through all things. The article is all about the energy of Dove Spirit Animal.

The dove reminds us of the language of light, a language which is innate (yet often forgotten) within each of us. They can inspire us to touch ever deeper levels of the divine within ourselves, to embody that, to allow it to flow through every cell of our being and to allow that, to permeate into our daily lives. In turn, this will ripple out into the world around us.

Doves have the wonderful role of being messengers of the divine

When I spent a few months living in La Palma I was mesmerised by the Rock Doves, twirling through the skies in their perfectly flowing, synchronised flocks. I would watch them every day from my humble abode in the mountains, mesmerised by their magic – feeling them speak to my heart, meeting me in the space between the spaces.  They would send a ripple of divine through my heart and remind me of my purpose here upon this precious Earth.

(Ana with Zebra Dove in Kauai)

Becoming one of the flock for a little while

In Kauai, for many years I’ve connected with the Zebra Doves. Originally I would meditate and find a place of stillness where I’d feel completely at one with the land. I’d melt into the Earth and somehow they’d sense it and would come to me. Of course, because they are doves and they come to me with a message. It was like a dance of souls, without boundaries, dissolving into the divine and then returning fully infused with light. Each time I returned I’d connect with the doves in Hawaii… it’s like hanging out with Angel friends. Some would look me in the eyes with curiosity and we’d ‘talk story’ – others would invite me to stroke them – others would be more timid and skittish – others (and this feels like an incredible honour) would snuggle up close by, nestling themselves on the ground, puffing out their feathers to rest or preen themselves… as if I was one of the flock. Oh my goodness how much I would feel like I was one of them, longing to fly and swoop.

Dove spirit animal guide with Anastasia(Anastasia making friends in Hawaii May 2019)

Always there during my profound healing cPTSD moments

More recently in Britain I’ve been connecting with the blue collared doves. I realised when one was sitting on the door handle peering into my house with intense curiosity, that yet again ‘dove’ was speaking to me. During my recovery from cPTSD over recent years, Dove always shows up during a profound healing moment, whether in real feathered form or in spirit. It’s no coincidence that the blue collared doves started showing up for me recently, giving a knowing nod of the incredible path travelled in order to get to this moment in time right now. 

Dove Spirit Animal: Ever deeper layers of Divine within yourself

I know some of us have this sort of connection with doves (or other creatures). If that’s you, then you will immediately ‘know’ what I am talking about. They can come to us in many different ways. Doves may alight themselves upon our hands or come to us in spirit. These divine messengers  might even show up as the dove card from an animal spirit medicine deck. You may simply keep seeing ‘signs’ or pictures of them.

If doves are speaking to you, then still your self, quieten your mind, let go of all expectations and just ‘know’ that the divine is inviting you to find ever deeper layers of the divine within yourself. 

What is a dove (and is it really just a pigeon)?

There is generally a little confusion about doves and pigeons. Doves usually invoke a feeling of awe and adoration, whereas pigeons are often seen as a pest. The bottom line is that there really is not a scientific difference between doves and pigeons. Pigeons and doves are all related. Coming from the Columbidae family of which there are thought to be 310 different species globally. They include different colours and sizes. In English speaking countries often think of the smaller ones or the white ones as ‘doves’ and the larger colourful ones as pigeons. It doesn’t really matter, because the difference simply boils down to whatever your interpretation is. 

Spirit of the Dove

Doves are messenger spirits. Spiritually speaking they are messengers, reminding us whatever it is we need on our journey to evolve, grow, unfold and heal. They are simply messengers in the pure sense, responding to whatever our soul is ready for. It is important not to judge the message, but rather to trust that whatever we hear, is exactly what we are meant to hear in that moment. Whether they bring good news or less desirable news, they bring an opportunity for healing and personal evolution.

Dove spirit animal guide

White Dove Spirit Animal

White doves are really good at reminding that Angels are near. They are particularly associated with purity of spirit, integrity, honesty and deep inner peace. 

Calling us home and trusting our inner compass

It is no coincidence that in the human realm, doves have often been used to carry messages (literally). They have an incredible way of finding their destination, delivering their message and then finding their way home again. If Dove spirit is showing up for you, they may be reminding you that you have your own inner compass. This could be an invaluable tool for your journey of life. Your inner compass can show you the way and help you to discern what is in your best interest and what is not. They invite us to look deep within and trust!

Love and loyalty in relationships

Doves are innately loyal with one another, maintaining loyalty to one lover. This is possibly why white doves are symbolic during weddings. White represents purity, whilst the spirit of the dove embodies loyalty. If you have a strong affinity with doves then it speaks of your loyality to others and your deep ability to be able to flow from a place of uncondtional love.

Thank you for connecting in here.

with love

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