In this article, I am going to share 10 of the most delicious, easy plant-based recipes for beginners that will help you and your family stay on a plant-based diet.

I’ve enjoyed – no – thrived – on a totally plant-based diet for nearly 30 years. To be honest, there weren’t a whole lot of recipes out there way back then, so right from the get-go I started making delicious food. I wanted the food to be

  1. Easy
  2. Delicious
  3. I wanted every single morsel to be jam-packed with health-affirming goodness
  4. I felt that everyone should enjoy this food, no matter who they were

My mission was on!

So I became a plant-based chef…

I became a plant-based chef and vegan recipe developer (as you do). Serving delicious food is my job.  Over the years I’ve noticed what people love. I’ve observed what people find easy to make. This article is basically a tool kit of some of the most loved recipes that people go crazy for.

The following plant-based recipes for beginners recipes are…

  • Easy to make
  • Super healthy
  • Good for families
  • Freeze well (ideal if you’re single and want to batch make)
  • Very tasty

Top 10 – Easy plant-based recipes for beginners…

1. Easy Vegan Burgers – also known as the Kind Earth Burger

People can never quite figure out how I make these when I serve to my guests. When I tell my peeps that they are simply made with carrot and seed the typical response is “Say whaaaaat? For real? How come they taste so good? I gotta make these when I get home!”

What makes this plant-based recipe so good? They are ridiculous easy to make, requiring very few ingredients. These seed burgers serve well hot and cold. Being versatile, they are excellent for dinner, lunch, lunch boxes, travel.  I often make these in bulk and freeze a whole batch of them for later use. We are talking seeds,  carrots, garlic, sea salt and fresh or dried parsley.

Sunshine Seed Patties (veggie burgers) with sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, carrot and herbs - delicious, easy and super healthy - by Anastasia, Kind Earth

2. The Kind Earth Curry – the easiest most delicious curry that everyone loves

This recipe uses simple ingredients that really want to be in the pot together. Sweet potato, tomato, and coconut. Right there! Marriage made in heaven.

What makes this plant-based curry so good?  This curry requires no faffing about what-so-ever. Everything just goes in the pot – it cooks – it dances – alchemy happens – it tastes insanely delicious. You can’t go wrong. This is the ultimate easy plant-based recipe for beginners.

Easy Vegan Sweet Potato and Coconut Curry with Chickpeas - absolutely divine by Anastasia, Kind Earth

3. Baked Pakora – super healthy alternative to the deep fried version

This recipe uses chickpea flour and grated veggies whilst making you feel like you’d just performed a bit of magic by creating them.

What makes this baked pakora recipe so good? This is a super healthy alternative to traditional deep fried pakora. OK, so, baking your pakora is never going to be the same as the deep fried ‘drenched-in-oil’ version, yet they are still delicious incredibly delicious. They are quick and easy to make. Pakora also makes a healthy lunch box or picnic snack, serving well with chutney, sauce or any dip you fancy. If you want to heat them up the next day, just pop them under the grill for a few minutes.

Baked Pakora - a delicious, healthy alternative to the deep fried version - Gluten-free Vegan Indian Food

4. Seed & Carrot Roast Loaf – a super popular recipe, hot or cold, posh or simple

I feel humbled by the number of people who’ve told me that this has become a staple in their household. It features at Christmas dinners, Thanksgiving, Sunday buffets and midweek lunch boxes.

What makes this seed loaf so good? It’s a super inexpensive alternative to a nut roast. It freezes whilst serving both hot and cold. This seed loaf works nicely as a main meal for a special occassion or a regular lunch or week night dinner. Easy to digest, the main ingredients are carrot and either sunflower and/or pumpkin seeds.

5. Lentil Cottage Pie – classic feel good comfort food

Lentil cottage pie is the ultimate feel-good comfort food. It’s tasty, filling, nourishing all rolled into one.

What makes this lentil cottage pie so good? I always serve cottage pie on retreats because it goes down well with just about 99% of my guests. It’s the perfect food to serve if you have a bunch of people coming around for dinner, especially if they have a mixed variety of eating preferences. This cottage pie seems to keep everyone happy whether vegan, herbivore, omnivore or carnivore!

Lentil cottage pie - shepherds pie - vegan, gluten-free, healthy by Trinity

6. Spicy Black Beans One Pot – vegan comfort foods with warming spices

This recipe excites me. It’s one of those delightful, medleys of deliciousness, where the spices are warming, rather than hot so that you can really appreciate the ‘dance’ without being overpowered.

What makes this spicy black beans one pot so good? This recipe is simple. If you don’t have the exact same spices to hand then you can try swapping out for ones that you have available instead. It keeps nicely in the fridge and freezes well. It serves with potatoes, wedges, rice, pasta, making it a pretty versatile one-pot. A super easy plant-based recipe for beginners.

Spicy Black Beans by Anastasia - gluten-free, vegan comfort food

7. Lentil Vegan Lasagne – with a creamy cashew sauce

Goodness me this is delicious! Considering I’m not really a pasta person, this is rather exciting.

What makes this lentil vegan lasagne so good? Plant-based lasagne actually doesn’t get better than this. This recipe takes a little bit more time to make than all the others in the this list, but oh my goodness, it’s worth it! Feel-good food at its finest, you get to enjoy a creamy cashew sauce with a thin, tanned crust, amidst an absolutely delicious dance of flavours and textures.

Gluten free, vegan lentil lasagne with a creamy cashew sauce by Anastasia, Kind Earth

8. Chickpea Mushroom Burger – super popular vegan burger

This is an excellent way to enjoy a super healthy, high-protein, vegan, gluten-free meal, whilst using good plant-based ingredients.

What makes this chickpea burger so good? Apart from the taste, the texture and the fact it makes everyone who eats them very happy… this burger is pleasantly moist on the inside with a lovely soft crisp outside. You can enjoy it with OR without the addition of a sauce. It works wonders with a salad, potato wedges, or in a bap with salad/sauce toppings.

9. Easy Turmeric Roast Potatoes – super healthy and delicious turmeric style

I am officially obsessed with these and can’t get enough of them.

What makes these roast potatoes so good? They are insanely easy to make. You chop them up, sprinkle on the tumeric etc, toss ’em and pop them in the oven. Easy or what!?!! A tiny smidgen of oil is required. Even the fussiest roast potato fans adore these.

Turmeric Roast Potatoes, gluten-free vegan by Anastasia, Kind Earth

10. Turmeric and Ginger Sweet Potato Soup – tasty and highly healthy

This turmeric ginger soup is tasty as can be! There is something about the way that the warming spices dance with the sweetness of the coconut and sweet potato. This combo creates a special blend of delectableness.

What makes this tumeric ginger soup so good? This recipe benefits from fresh ginger, garlic, dried ground turmeric and pepper. Jam-packed with loads of plant-powered nutritional benefits, it is an exceedingly easy soup to make. Add sweet potatoes, coconut milk, chickpeas and optional parsley and you’ve got a gorgeous chorus of delight in a bowl to enjoy that everyone loves! Super easy one-pot, plant-based recipe for beginners.

Turmeric Coconut Sweet potato Soup - gluten-free, vegan and delicious - by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Thank you for reading!

I hope that you’ve found some favourites here in this list of easy plant-based recipes for beginners.

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