I got into making homemade herbal teas when my favourite herbal tea company got taken over by a huge unethical corporation. After enjoying a relaxing blend for years I felt disappointed that they’d sold out. In defiance (haha my little protest), I decided to buy a few select herbs and start making my own. It was so much fun and I’ve been making my own herbal teas at home ever since. Today I am going to share my favourite homemade sleepy time tea blend.

A homemade herbal tea alchemist

To be honest, once I got into making tea I suddenly felt a bit like an alchemist. It was magical. It was also a bit childlike. The experience reminded me of the time when I was six years old and steeped wild rose petals in water to make perfume (as you do when you are six).

Homemade sleepy time tea with chamomile, fennel, rose petals and liquorice by Anastasia, Kind Earth

A blend for peace and calm

Like many of us, my days are often busy. I do, however, insist on relaxing as the sun goes down. I wanted a tea blend that would lull me into a gentle state of peace and calm as the night grew dark. Something to help me relax and unwind before bedtime.

What’s in my Sleepy Time Tea?

Chamomile has long since been known for its mildly sedative properties, so I started with that. In fact, chamomile on its own makes for an excellent nighttime tea. 

I was having a thing about rose petals at the same time and had purchased some from my local herbal shop. To be honest, living in Glastonbury at the time, the shop ‘Star Child’ was more like a magical potion shop haha!. I adore the fragrance, the colour, and the uplifting energy of the rose. When I found out that rose petals also had calming, mildly sedative properties, they seemed like the perfect fit for my new sleepy time tea.

Fennel seemed like an obvious choice – it soothes the digestive system, but also brings in a wonderfully fragrant, sweet anise-like flavour. It brings everything together.

I sometimes pop a pinch of licorice in also, because it dances well with the other ingredients (but is entirely optional). 

Homemade sleepy time tea with chamomile, fennel, rose petals and liquorice by Anastasia, Kind Earth

You will need a strainer

You need some sort of strainer to make homemade herbal tea once the herbs have infused. Strainers are fairly easy to find. The most traditional straining method for us British folk is based on the practice of making black tea. First, allow the herbs to infuse in a teapot and strain with a regular tea strainer.

The other alternatives are ‘sit-in-the-cup’ types of strainers. You can also find teapots with a fine-meshed strainer inside (see the following photographs)…

Homemade sleepy time tea - tea strainers - by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Homemade sleepy time tea with chamomile, fennel, rose petals and liquorice by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Homemade Sleepy Time Tea Recipe

Yield: 2 cups
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

A calming homemade nighttime tea using chamomile, rose petals and fennel seeds.



  1. You will need something to infuse the tea in. Either use a strainer that sits in a mug or a tea pot with a strainer. Please watch my video for examples of different things you can use.
  2. The quantities in the ingredient list will either make one deliciously strong cup of sleepy time tea or two cups at regular strength. The stronger version, using just one cup, only allows for greater relaxation benefits. The regular version is also beneficial and perfectly delicious.
  3. If you have a pestle and mortar then crush your fennel seeds. Crushing will release more of their flavour. If you don't have a pestle and mortar then simply use the seed whole instead.
  4. Boil the water and add along with all ingredients into your cup or teapot. You don't need a rolling boil. The water is ready when you start to see steam coming off it (too hot to drink, but not quite boiling). Allow the herbs to infuse for 5 to 10 minutes. A longer infusion time allows for greater benefits.
  5. Strain your infusion and enjoy!

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