Hemp Milk is quite possibly the healthiest plant-based milk out there! So, it definitely it deserves a bit of love here in the Kind Earth Kitchen. This is quite possibly my favourite plant milk ever.

I am not into over complicating stuff, so my way of making hemp milk is incredibly easy.

In fact, you can make it in a couple of delicious, minutes – flat.

Make vegan hemp milk


There are different ways of making hemp milk. For ease and speed, I use shelled hemp seeds (also known as hemp seed hearts). This means that I can blend them up quickly without the need for straining at all. You’ll get a little bit of sediment settling to the bottom (after a little while) – if you don’t strain it – but to me, that is all part of the fun and goodness. I never strain my plant-based milk if I am making with hemp seeds hearts.

Remember: No straining is required IF you use SHELLED hemp seeds.
All you need to do is give it a quick swish and a jiggle in the jar before you drink it.

Hemp milk recipe by Anastasia, Kind Earth


However… if you use whole hemp seeds with the shells on you WILL need to strain your hemp milk

This recipe here is for shelled/hulled hemp seeds. However, if you do actually use whole hemp seeds (with the shells/hulls still ON) then you will need to strain it; otherwise, the sediment will be too coarse. Straining it involves, either a cheesecloth, a piece of muslin or a purpose made nut milk bag to do so and squee-e-e-eze.

Hemp has a sort of nutty taste

Hemp has a nutty sort of taste. If you aren’t instantly taken by it, then give it a chance, because it really can grow on you. A lot of people I know, absolutely adore it and couldn’t live without it now! I add a little bit of coconut sugar and vanilla to this recipe – just to make the whole hemp milk experience dance and sing. Although you can make it plain (hemp and water only) if you prefer.

Why are hemp seeds so good for us?

It has to be said… hemp is one of the most amazing plant foods that exist on our planet! Hemp is a protein power superstar, having one of the most complete protein profiles in the plant food kingdom. It contains a fabulous balance of essential fats (essential fats are crucial to include in your diet for health) including omega 3. It’s excellent for skin health, cholesterol levels and is especially high in beneficial antioxidants. Read more about hemp benefits here: All about Hemp Seeds and their health benefits

Getting your shelled hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are available in all good health food stores (in most countries). I am not talking about the hemp with the high THC levels that gets you high though… I am talking about the culinary hemp seeds. It helps a lot to buy shelled hemp seeds (also called hemp hearts or hulled hemp seeds) without the crunchy outer shell on them; this makes it very easy to blend smoothly.

In the UK, I use these ones all the time: RealFoodSource Organic HEMP SEEDS. They are excellent value (you can get their non-organic version for even more of a bargain) and also grown in the EU – yay! I absolutely love them. Using them on a daily basis I probably go through about 1kg (2lbs) every two months – for my own personal use. If you don’t use them all the time, they’ll probably last you longer and you could buy a smaller packet. When I visit North America I’ve purchased these ones: Manitoba Harvest Shelled Hemp Hearts and used to my hearts’ delight.

Making your own hemp milk


Quick Hemp Milk Video – see how I make it myself

Check out my super quick visual guide for more tips on making hemp milk…

Making your own hemp milk

How to make your own Hemp Milk at home

Yield: 4 servings
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

Hemp milk recipe using hemp seeds hearts, vanilla and coconut sugar. Super healthy and made in two short minutes


  • 100g (½ cup) shelled hemp seeds
  • 500ml (2 cups) spring water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 teaspoons coconut sugar


Please check out my video first for more tips and a quick visual guide

  1. Add all ingredients to a jug for blending.
  2. Blend for about a minute or until everything is combined.
  3. Pop the hemp milk into a large jar or bottle.
  4. Pop it into the fridge to chill before serving (it tastes best chilled).
  5. You will still get some sediment settling from the hemp seeds. This is all super healthy.
  6. Note: If you don't want the sediment OR if you have used whole (seeds that aren't shelled) hemp seeds then you will need to strain it will a cheese cloth or purpose made nut milk bag.
  7. Give it a swish and a jiggle before using.
  8. Enjoy!

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from my heart to yours

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How to make hemp milk in 2 minutes by Anastasia


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