We’ve just completed a week-long hiking retreat on the gorgeous, other-worldly isle of La Palma in the Canary Islands. I feel deeply honoured, humbled and inspired to have opened the space for this. It was my aim to hold the space so that we could simply ‘be ourselves, be real and unleash ever deeper layers of ourselves’. I feel that what so many souls are calling for is the space simply to be – to be accepted without judgment – to feel safe to be ‘real’.  I was joined by a diverse group of 8 amazing women… and wow – what a transformative week!

By offering some breathtaking walks in nature, sharing ‘made-with-love’ plant-based cuisine and inviting the very down-to-earth and intuitive Shamanic practitioner (Sonya Mallin) to hold one-on-one sessions to facilitate deeper unravelling – it feels like we really hit that balance of spaciousness, nature immersion, and soul inspiration.

This is a photo journal. After the retreat, I invited everyone to share their thoughts and feelings and have interspersed our words from this precious week together below… BE INSPIRED!

“The week was full of variety – hiking (all great and some quite challenging), enjoying delicious meals, chocolate making, shamanic healing sessions, browsing the hippy market, enjoying a beer by the beach, incredible views wherever we went, being ‘on top of the world’ at 2500m above sea level and above the clouds, gorgeous weather, wonderful company with lots of laughter and sharing – thank you, ladies 🙂 and time to just ‘be’.” Becky (UK)

“I am back home, literally and for the first time ever… after the most transformational week of my life. I am back home… I truly don´t know how to express the clarity I am experiencing right now… nor the gratitude for this gift, for the retreat itself and for the gift of who you are, each and every one of you, the most beautiful reflections ever… you, us, our powerful circle of 9…” Rosana (Spain) 

Enjoying dinner outside…

“The hike was epic! Also, the sunsets and sitting out at night under the gorgeous skies allowed me to connect to La Palma and to myself .” Michelle (UK)

“The trip up to the high mountains over the clouds was overwhelming. It was so peaceful and calm when I stood there looking out of the view and just be here and now.” Pia (Sweden) 

“Sonya, I’m so grateful to you and your shaman healing, where the result was that I was united with my Inner Child. The feeling of freedom and happiness remains.” Inger (Sweden)

“The shamanic healing with Sonya was amazing and shifted something in a powerful way, she’s a gifted lady.” Michelle (UK)

Here we are having an incredibly fun baked pakora session on the veranda, inspired by soul and whichever ingredients we felt a pull to…

“My favourite part of the week was being pampered and nourished by Ana’s fabulous food.  Over the years I’ve been on many retreats where Ana has ‘catered’ and each time she seems to outdo the last!  I try to eat reasonably healthily, but Ana’s dishes inspire you and expand your horizons on just how amazing vegan food can be.” Becky (UK)

“My favourite part of the week was definitely the Caldera de Taburiente day hike (and dinner!). Gorgeous place with just the right balance of relaxed, challenging and fun bits on our path.” Melanie (Australia/France/Nomad)

“Early in the week, we spent some time on a plant meditation and I felt I really connected to the tree that called me.  It was lovely to feel that ‘conversation’ and listen to the wisdom of the plant.  The other was simply sitting on the patio on Saturday afternoon, in silence, warmed by the beautiful La Palma sun, with a view of the ocean and listening to the sounds around me.  Bliss!” Becky

“I experienced what I feel I needed at this time, lightness and fun in this case, to slow down and reset after significant emotions and processing in the previous weeks. I am now happy and calm to my core and ready to progress on my spiritual path.” Melanie 

“Gratitude for the beautiful feminine energy. It was very special being part of a women’s circle where each and every one of us could be natural (you make me feel….) and appreciated for who we are and loved unconditionally.” Melanie

“My favourite part was being honoured to drum the last shamanic journey, weaving us all into the final circle of the retreat, knowing how much joy and love had been offered so freely and shared.  It felt incredibly powerful to facilitate the space for everyone to drop into during the week, so we could welcome spirit in to weave her magic too. I loved being part of a female only circle which felt incredible nurturing and open for all who sat within it.  A true tribal sharing.” Sonya

“If HOME is finding Heaven On Mother Earth, now I feel it more than ever. I totally surrendered and she embraced me in her womb… where I found my sisters, my soul family and my Muse… when I wasn´t searching anymore Thank you for being such an inspiration!!! I just want to sing, and dance, and cook and write… and just be my fucking self… now that I know that it is safe to be me… and no matter what I do or say… I am loved, we are loved and we are not alone in this dream.” Rosana

“Ana – you led it so well throughout the week that even despite vertigo, I felt safe in your capable hands. Thank you for sharing La Palma with us all in that way.” Sonya (UK)

“At the end of the week my soul felt refreshed and I was truly renewed on every level – physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and on a deeper level with a renewed connection to Gaia.” Becky

“Ana – your food was so tasty and nourishing. I can’t wait to try out more of your recipes at home – especially the chocolate!” Sonya

Gorgeous valleys, green cliffs and views to inspire the soul…

“Sitting on top of the world, above the mountains, above the clouds – Heaven & Earth dance together” Ana

“It was a wonderful week, meeting all of you and have all these experiences. I really loved the hikes in the beautiful nature and that we were invited to walk in silence and be present. And your vegan food Ana was delicious.” Pia

“The best this week was the community and love we shared…” Inger

“Most of all – you guys all made the week incredibly special. I loved connecting with each and every one of you and getting to know you all better through the laughter, the hikes, and the sessions. We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day!  And in the meantime, I’ll be loving ya all!” Sonya

Epic, incredible, divine – I am inspired by each and every one of you!
Thank you for showing up.
Thank you for being YOU!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

with love