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    12 delicious and inspiring plant-based recipes to keep you healthy all year long. An excellent gift idea that will brighten up any kitchen.
  • Angelicious is a delectable culinary adventure, jam-packed with uplifting breakfasts, scrumptious main meals, super healthy salads and lots more besides. Over many years working as a top retreat chef, Anastasia Eden developed her recipes for people from all walks of life: fussy-eaters, health-seekers and everyone in between. All recipes are totally plant based, gluten-free and without refined sugar. You can be sure that everything in this book has been infused with love.
  • The Kind Earth Cookbook is a plant-based journey of extraordinary culinary delight.  In it you will find energising and delectable recipes that are easy to prepare: breakfasts, snacks, salads, dips, vegan burgers, main meals and desserts.  Each recipe was born from a desire to ‘be the change’.  Many of us are beginning to realise that eating a healthy, plant-based diet is not only beneficial for our precious planet and our fellow creatures, but it is also good for us.