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The Kind Earth Cookbook is a plant-based journey of extraordinary culinary delight.  In it you will find energising and delectable recipes that are easy to prepare: breakfasts, snacks, salads, dips, vegan burgers, main meals and desserts.  Each recipe was born from a desire to ‘be the change’.  Many of us are beginning to realise that eating a healthy, plant-based diet is not only beneficial for our precious planet and our fellow creatures, but it is also good for us.

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Welcome to the Kind Earth Cookbook!

I am here to take you on a journey of extraordinary culinary delight. It melts my heart to know that what I share might just bring a little bit more of the divine into this precious world. Everything here is wholesome and plant-based. This is not only beneficial for our precious planet and our fellow creatures, but it is also good for us. Eating in a healthy, compassionate way infuses our being with a plethora of nutrients, antioxidants and energy to help us experience optimal levels of health and wellness. It can change everything.

Baked Pakora 2 in Kind Earth Cookbook

“Anastasia’s meals are infused with a gentle love and deep respect for the ingredients, the finished product and for those for whom she is cooking. How can food ground the body and expand the soul with such sweet precision… be transportive in ways I couldn’t imagine until experienced,and once experienced, I can’t put into words? Somehow, Ana does it all with ease and grace.”

Cynthia Nelson, Canada

I’ve enjoyed a completely plant-based life for 25 years. As a retreat chef, workshop leader and recipe developer, I feel deeply honoured to be able to show people how easy and joyful it is to prepare plant-based food.

This book is a celebration of life. People keep telling me how much they adore printed books, so I decided to take the best of my recipes from to present a delightful medley of deliciousness in a book.

If we all make food from the heart, with compassionate, plant-based ingredients, just imagine the ripples that we will send out into the world. The taste, the sharing, the love, the joy! That’s what the Kind Earth Cookbook is all about!

Let’s get started and make the world a better place, one delectable bite at a time.

Anastasia x


The Kind Earth Cookbook CONTENTS


8   Kind for the planet

10 Kind for your health

11 Kind for our fellow animals


14 Plant-based milk 2 ways

16 Creamy coconut porridge

18 Pineapple bliss smoothie

20 Blueberry hempster smoothie

22 Green superfood smoothie

24 Maca mango smoothie

26 Chia mango pudding bowl

28 Almond maple granola

29 Raspberry breakfast compote


34 Cauliflower raw-slaw
with walnut & raisin

35 Ginger beet raw-slaw

36 Lime pesto cauliflower

38 Bean & beetroot salad

     with black-eyed beans

39 Rainbow kale salad
with mint infused dressing

40 Quinoa salad with turmeric

42 Beetroot hummus

43 Roast carrot & bean pâté

44 Raw sunflower seed pâté

46 Smoked paprika hummus

48 Hemp & lemon hummus

50 Parsley & lime guacamole

52 Creamy baba ganoush
with a hint of smoked paprika


56 Turmeric & ginger soup
with sweet potato & coconut milk

58 Creamy mushroom soup

60 Easy carrot coconut soup
with ginger & paprika

61 Creamy tomato soup
with sweet potato, rosemary & lentils

62 Chilli black bean soup

64 Creamy cauliflower soup


68 Milky matcha

69 Hot milky turmeric drink
with cardamom & ginger

70 Mam’s pickled Hawaiian daikon

72 Rosemary roast potatoes

73 Easy roasted brussel sprouts

74 Fresh mango chutney

76 Onion tamari gravy

78 Simple oatcake wraps
with a cast iron skillet

80 Easy raspberry chia jam

81 Oven-baked flatbread

82 Scottish oatcakes

84 Soda loaf bread


88 Spicy bean burgers

90 Beet Buddha bowl bites

92 Baked pakora

94 Sweet potato seed loaf

96 Sweet potato hemp burgers

98 Easy vegan burgers


102 Black bean vegan tacos

103 Chickpea curry in 15 minutes

104 Lentil cottage pie

105 Easy ratatouille

106 Shepherd’s pie, black bean style

108 Kind Earth curry

110 Butter bean coconut bake

112 Bolognese (kinda)

114 Spicy black bean one pot

116 Butternut & ginger noodle sauce

118 Golden veggie crumble pie

120 Sweet stuffed pepper

122 Black bean one pot

124 Crustless vegan quiche


128 Mango coconut ice cream

129 Blueberry nice cream

130 No churn cacao ice cream

132 Raw superfood brownies

134 Raw hemp seed brownies

136 Homemade vegan chocolate

138 Orange gingerbread cake
chocolate style

140 La Palma island banana bread

142 Christmas sweet mince pies

144 Jam tarts

146 Raw strawberry cheesecake

148 Simple chocolate cupcakes

150 Sweet potato cacao cake
with avocado chocolate frosting

152 Chocolate bodhi bars

154 Raw mango cheesecake

156 Vanilla shortbread cookies

158 Vegan chocolate cake

159 Blackberry & apple crumble


161 Seeds & nuts

162 Natural sweeteners & dried fruits

162 Spices & herbs

163 Helpful gluten-free flours

164 Superfoods

164 Condiments & helpful extras

165 Healthy fats & oils

166 Whole grains

167 Pulses


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