Creamed coconut is an essential ingredient in any creative kitchen. It imparts a luxurious, rich, creamy infusion of tropical delectableness to just about any dish. This article includes a list of delicious creamed coconut recipes.

I use creamed coconut in sweets, savouries, desserts, main meals, sauces, breakfasts and soups and couldn’t imagine life without it!

I am talking CREAMED COCONUT here, which comes in a solid block form. It’s a little different to coconut cream (sounds similar and can be confusing!). Creamed coconut is actually the ground-down flesh of a mature coconut, created into a pure, semi-solid white concentrated block of cream that melts on heating. It’s naturally sweet and available in good health food stores, supermarkets or online. Read about it here: All About Creamed Coconut 

Creamed coconut in your recipes will transform your culinary experience.

What actually is Creamed Coconut (versus coconut cream & coconut butter)?

Check out this short, informative video on creamed coconut, to quickly make everything clear…

Delectable Creamed Coconut Recipes

Coconut chocolate fudge with creamed coconut

This is possibly the most heavenly fudge in the world. It’s a world apart from the regular varieties which are usually laden with dairy and not-so-healthy sugar. This is naturally sweetened with – yes – you guessed it ‘creamed coconut’ and a hint of maple syrup. Absolutely delectable… Coconut Chocolate fudge with Creamed Coconut

Vegan creamed coconut chocolate fudge recipe by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Raw cacao coconut energy balls

Creamed coconut transforms an energy ball recipe to another level. Sweetened with dates and the natural sweetness from the coconut. Delicious!

Raw cacao energy balls with creamed coconut

Cacao & coconut energy balls - gluten-free, vegan, date sweetened

Creamed coconut flapjacks or granola bars

A perfect bake treat using creamed coconut instead of butter to help everything bind together into a bar. It’s hard not to love this simple yet delectable sweet treat.

Creamed coconut flapjacks

Creamed coconut flapjacks oat bar recipe


No-bake superfood brownies with a creamed coconut & lucuma topping

Doesn’t that sound fancy? This is the recipe you need when you want to impress your friends with something exceedingly delicious, yet healthy. The creamed coconut topping is easy to make and makes a great contrast against the brownie base, both in colour and taste.

Raw superfood brownies with creamed coconut and lucuma topping

Raw cacao superfood brownies, with creamed coconut, lucuma, walnuts, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds. Gluten-free, Vegan by Anastasia @ Kind Earth

Blueberry & Lemon Fudge with Creamed Coconut

This is the most fun fudge I’ve ever made! The blueberry-inspired colour delights everyone.
A rich & delicious treat… Blueberry & Lemon Coconut Fudge with Creamed Coconut

Blueberry & lemon fudge made with coconut, maple syrup, frozen blueberries, lemon - vegan, gluten-free by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Strawberry Vegan Cheese Cake with Creamed Coconut

Everyone loves strawberry cheesecake (without the need for cheese). This is a delicious strawberry pie recipe, with an exciting infusion of – yes – creamed coconut, creating a delectable recipe.

Strawberry Vegan Cheese Cake

Strawberry Cheesecake - vegan gluten-free superfood by Anastasia at Kind Earth

Chocolate Covered Coconut Bliss Bars

Oh my goodness – delectably delicious. I often serve this no-bake treat when I am catering for groups on retreat. The room usually goes silent as our guests savour every mouthful.
Chocolate Covered Coconut Bliss Bars with Creamed Coconut

Chocolate covered bliss bar by Anastasia

Easy vegan sweet potato & creamed coconut curry

Everyone loves this curry recipe. It is awesome simplicity at its finest. We are talking sweet potatoes, chickpeas, passata (tomatoes) and creamed coconut. These ingredients are a match made in heaven.

Easy vegan curry with sweet potatoes & creamed coconut

Easy Vegan Sweet Potato and Coconut Curry with Chickpeas - absolutely divine by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Kaffir lime inspired Thai coconut curry

Creamed Coconut + Curry = DIVINE ALCHEMY. This Thai inspired curry is so satisfying. The creamed coconut in this recipe melts to perfection, creating a dreamy infusion of tropical inspiration.
Kaffir Lime Thai Coconut Curry with Creamed Coconut

Thai Coconut Curry with Butternut Squash by Anastasia - gluten-free, vegan

Spicy black bean one pot – vegan comfort food

The sauce with this black beans recipe is so good. Creamed coconut brings everything together and turns it from something delicious into something out of this world. It serves with pasta, potatoes, rice, quinoa, and wedges.

Spicy black beans one pot recipe

Spicy Black Beans with Creamed Coconut by Anastasia - gluten-free, vegan comfort food

Black & squash one pot with creamed coconut

This is exactly the sort of thing I whip up when I have little time to hand. Just toss it all in one pot, quickly cook it up, add creamed coconut… and you have a magical pot of luxurious, yet super healthy deliciousness.
Black Bean One Pot with Creamed Coconut

Easy Black Bean & Squash One Pot - by Anastasia, gluten-free, vegan and very healthy

Butter bean bake with coconut sauce

A very healthy bake made with butter beans, cauliflower and an oat, seed crumble topping.

Butter bean bake with coconut sauce recipe

Vegan butter bean bake with creamed coconut, nutmeg and rosemary

Golden Veggie Bake with Creamy Coconut Sauce

I am always making sauces with creamed coconut. In this bake, I have a thick creamy coconut sauce coating the golden vegetables. Always goes down a treat! Golden Veggie Bake with Creamy Coconut Sauce

Golden Sweet Potato Veggie Crumble Pie by Anastasia, gluten-free, vegan

Black bean & mushroom shepherds pie

Such a good way to enjoy black beans and mushrooms. All infused with tomato and creamed coconut sauce. Topped with mashed potatoes. Yum!

Black bean & mushroom shepherds pie

Vegan shepherds pie with black beans, gluten-free, vegan

Black bean vegan tacos

An excellent alternative taco recipe, using creative ingredients. The recipe involves a tomato and creamed coconut sauce. Stuff the filling in your tacos. Bake briefly and you have got yourself a delicious meal!

Black bean vegan tacos recipe

Black Bean Vegan Tacos with Organic Corn Taco Shells & Guacamole by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Sweet Potato Lentil Soup with Creamed Coconut

Divine! That’s all I can say.
Sweet Potato Lentil Soup with Creamed Coconut

Serenity Mint Pea Soup with Creamed Coconut

There is a reason this is called ‘Serenity’ – it infuses a depth of peace, calm and sense of ‘oh my goodness this is ahhhhhhhh so, so good’. It is one of the most popular soups on the retreats that I cater for. It fills the room with a zingy, earthy mint-full-ness that excites us all. Serenity Mint Pea Soup

Easy roast squash & ginger soup with creamed coconut

A super easy soup recipe with very few ingredients. Roasting the squash brings a wonderful depth of flavour to this, whilst the creamed coconut brings it all to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Easy roast squash & ginger soup

Autumn Squash Soup with Ginger & Coconut. Easy, super healthy, gluten-free, vegan by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Turmeric potato patties with creamed coconut

You can serve these with brunch, lunch, or a main meal. Alternatively, use them for snacking. 

Turmeric potato patties with creamed coconut

Easy Turmeric Potato Patties - baked or grilled - gluten-free vegan by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Creamed coconut mint patties with only 4 ingredients

Just fabulous. These patties are so nurturing. Total feel-good food, with an incredible taste.
Coconut Mint Patties with only 4 ingredients

Mint Potato Patties by Anastasia

Creamy coconut, cinnamon & oat porridge recipe

I make a version of this almost every day! It is simple, delicious and very adaptable. One of my favourite ways to make hearty feel-good breakfast porridge. We call it porridge here in the UK, although it is more commonly referred to as oatmeal in North America.

Creamy coconut, cinnamon & oat porridge

Creamy coconut & banana oatmeal porridge

Just a hint of creamed coconut can transform your breakfast into a whole new realm. This is another of my favourite recipes.

Creamy coconut & banana porridge recipe

Coconut & Banana Porridge with creamed coconut by Anastasia


I do hope that you find something here that you enjoy.

If this inspires you, then you’ll be delighted to know that both of my main books (which are PRINTED!!!) contain plenty of recipes that use creamed coconut. Find out more here: Anastasia’s Plant-based Recipe Books

Please do let me know how you get on.


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