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Warm greetings and hello! Thank you for visiting my page.

I am an experienced private Plant-Based Retreat Chef, having spent most of my adult life in the spiritual retreat business… running retreats, teaching on retreats, organising retreats and of course, and best of all, working as a plant-based chef on retreats. In recent years I have solely focussed on working as a retreat chef on private retreats, specialising in super healthy, vibrant cuisine. You can relax knowing that all your meals will be taken care of. I am friendly yet professional with excellent time keeping and a service designed to ensure that your guests are happy and well nourished. 

I am British currently based in Wales (happy to travel to England though). I’ve enjoyed a healthy plant-based diet for over 28 years, experiencing optimal levels of health along the way.

Plant-based Retreat Chef Anastasia - food on retreat

Anastasia’s meals are infused with a gentle love and deep respect for the ingredients, the finished product and for those for whom she is cooking.  How can food ground the body and expand the soul with such sweet precision… be transportive in ways I couldn’t imagine until experienced,and once experienced, I can’t put into words?  Somehow, Ana does it all with ease and grace.”
Cynthia Nelson, Canada

“I cannot recommend Anastasia and her sublime cooking highly enough.
Right from the first communication she was a delight to make plans with in organising our retreat.  A good relationship with the chef is essential in the smooth running and safe holding of a group and Anastasia was exceptional.  There was always an openness to suggestions as occasionally the days schedule would change according to the group’s needs.  I was impressed by her professionalism balanced with a warm and compassionate presence.  Then there’s the food, which was outstanding!  Such alchemy was awesome as meal after meal Anastasia created dishes that satisfied every sense and was truly delicious.  How such tasty food can be so healthy is a testament to her many years of expertise and craft, from which many cooks have been inspired. 
Thank you again Anastasia for such wonderful gifts and for being so lovely!”
Dr Mark Grixti (7 day retreat, Somerset 2023)

“Anastasia was the retreat chef for a 7 day silent retreat which I held in the UK. We were extremely happy with her service and the retreat participants gave very positive feedback about the food. The food was absolutely amazing. It was fresh, tasty, healthy and what really added the magical touch was Anastasia’s passion and love for what she does. Communication was outstanding from the moment we got in touch, she was very professional, competent, incredibly organized and completely dedicated to her work. Anastasia went the extra mile (she even prepared a beautiful birthday cake for one of our participants as a last minute request on very short notice!) and we were so grateful for her efforts. I would definitely work with Anastasia again in the future and would highly recommend her as a retreat chef.”

Louise Kay

Many years of experience as a  plant-based retreat chef

My recipes have been developed over many years of catering as a plant-based retreat chef on spiritual retreats in the UK and abroad. Having only ever served plant-based, conscious cuisine, free-from-refined-sugar I’ve created a plethora of new, original, vibrational raising recipes from scratch. In more recent years I’ve published three popular recipe books. The food I share has inspired many people to adopt a much more conscious way of eating food – a truly humbling experience to be a part of!

Plant-based Retreat Chef Anastasia serves food in Sweden

“People enjoying my food on retreats (SWEDEN)”

I’ve organised, managed and held retreats myself over many years; so you can rest assured that I understand the energy and sensitivity required to run events.

“Raw Superfood Brownies on Retreat”

“I like working with professionals. People that are good at their job and have a passion. Anastasia Eden’s attention to detail super slick timekeeping, flexibility, flawlessly first class inspired super delicious food is just what makes your guests feel comfortable and allows the gathering to run like a dream. Thanks so so much Anastasia. Diolch Cariad.”
Shion Ulrike Buschner, The Golden Gong Sound Healing Gathering West Wales

Creating food from the heart stirs my soul

Creating food is like a joyful, moving meditation to me. It’s about creating a space of lightness within so that the food is naturally infused with love. My aim is always to make delicious, satisfying food that everyone will enjoy.

Ana's retreat cuisine vegan

Here’s what I offer…

I am available for hire as a private plant-based retreat chef for courses, retreats or events. Currently based in Wales, happy to travel anywhere in the UK (not currently taking bookings for international events because of travel restrictions and all that jazz).

A typical menu

The menu often changes, since I am a recipe developer and I’m always thrilled to share my latest culinary delights.  I can also usually tailor make a plan to suit your requirements. Click here for my typical menu sample options: Anastasia’s Retreat Menu Sample Options or click on the menu below to read the larger pdf version…Anastasia Eden's retreat chef menu

Anastasia's Salad BUffet on Retreat in Wales



Quality, whole-food ingredients

I embrace the best ingredients I can find in the locality using an abundance of fresh whole ingredients.


Everything I create is made using totally plant-based ingredients. Designed to keep everyone happy, no matter what they normally eat.

Gluten-free – no problem

Almost all of my recipes are naturally gluten-free. However, I will include bread (usually sourdough) on the table when there are soups etc. If you want it totally gluten-free then have a chat and I’d be happy to ensure it is.

Free from refined sugar

I don’t use conventional refined sugar. Instead, I sweeten with healthful ingredients such as dates, dried fruit, natural syrup (e.g. brown rice syrup, maple syrup) or coconut sugar.

Nutritious & delicious

Every morsel is nutritious & healthy. I also like to create a balance of the different food groups with exciting flavours, different textures and a variety colours to the tantalise the taste buds.

Made with love

It means a lot to me to come from a place of presence and love when creating cuisine… a secret ingredient that is a must in every meal!


Group size

I tend to work with groups of between 10 & 40 guests.


Please let me know how many guests, the duration and the location of your proposed retreat (or if you are feeling it out, just give me a rough guide). I work it out based on…

  1. the guest numbers
  2. duration of retreat
  3. my own basic travel requirements if travelling to other parts of the UK

So if enquiring please give me these details.

Anything else?

Please feel free to ask me anything else about hiring me as your plant-based retreat chef. I’d love to hear from you!


Testimonials from Retreats

“I’ve been co hosting retreats for around a year and Ana has been catering for us for the majority of them. Her food is outstanding. The magic she works in the kitchen really is something quite special. Not only is she a wizard with flavours she pours so much love into every single recipe and you can feel that vibration through every mouthful.
I’m very fortunate to now call this beautiful human a friend and working with her around is so easy. The feedback from guests is always amazing and everyone always leaves wanting to take her home with them 🤣 she really is the icing on the cake ❤️.”
Natalie Winterson
The Mind Pantry

“We were really blessed to have Anastasia as our conscious chef at our most recent retreat. She catered for 27 of us for 9 days… providing a variety of nourishing, tasty and filling meals plus amazing desserts and snacks. She was an Angel, being able to tune into the needs of the group and reflect it in the food choices of each day. She rode the wave of many outside pressures and distractions that affected the kitchen with grace and ease. We look forward to working with her again and again! She is now our “go-to” retreat chef.”
Angie & Rod Twydall (Womb Awakening UK)

“I am so grateful (and so are my lovely retreat guests) that I found Anastasia and her KindEarth delights! We have been lucky enough to experience Anastasia’s amazing plant-based food twice, once on retreat in Glastonbury recently and just this last weekend at Bala Brook on Dartmoor. It is so lovely to have Anastasia in the house creating delicious, colourful and nutritious plant-based food for us at every meal, she is a delight to have around and so full of knowledge and helpful advice. Her recipe books that she kindly brought with her were a sell-out and I have been writing lists and buying new interesting ingredients ready to make some mindful changes to my daily eating habits.  I can’t wait until our next retreat! Thank you Anastasia for being there for us and making our time on retreat so enjoyable.  Mealtimes were such a pleasure.”
Sarah Gilbert
Abbey Studio, South Devon

“I have been the blessed recipient when on retreat, of the divine fare created by Anastasia. I don’t use the words ‘blessed’ and ‘divine’ loosely! She is deeply tuned in to the energies of retreat participants and is thus able to create delicious dishes which are specifically tailor made in the moment, to suit the needs of the particular group and whatever they may be moving through at that time. Not only is the food particularly tasty, but with Anastasia’s extensive knowledge around nutrition and well-being, the goodies also have the ability to make one feel energetically alive and glowing with vitality. This is so profoundly complementary to any self-development work, as the clean and vibrant nature of the food helps to open channels of receptivity to whatever material is being shared. The participants are left feeling so alert, inspired and joyful, that the material really sinks in. I highly recommend Anastasia as a chef under any circumstances, whether personal or on retreat. I am certain you will be so glad you chose her!”
Ishara Love, Australia

Anastasia’s meals are infused with a gentle love and deep respect for the ingredients, the finished product and for those for whom she is cooking.  How can food ground the body and expand the soul with such sweet precision… be transportive in ways I couldn’t imagine until experienced, and once experienced, I can’t put into words?  Somehow, Ana does it all with ease and grace.”
Cynthia Nelson, Canada

For the previous three years I’ve attended workshops where Anastasia was the retreat chef. The kind of inner-work we do there is always the demanding, out-of ones-comfort-zone, sort. We, the participants, are deeply grateful and blessed to have our work supported by the loving nourishment from Anastasia. Her intuitive abilities are legendary however it’s her kitchen prowess where this gift truly shines. It is here where she plates pure alchemy of Love, herb, spice, vegetable, legume, fruit, nut & seed. Gluten free, cruelty free. All served up with heaps of pure joy and humility!
I only wish I could sit at her table every day!”
Michelle Desgagné, Canada

“I have been infusing Ana’s cuisine in my daily life now for 2 years.  She offers a variety of delicious healthy choices of Vegan Cuisine on retreat, from morning breakfast to evening supper. But it is more than just the food that Trinity brings, every delicious recipe is made from the heart with love,  it’s a soulful experience,  that with her delightful presence makes Anastasia’s food a unique heartfelt wonderful experience.”
Steve Jette – Canada

“Ana has single-handedly transformed the eating habits of thousands of people. When I first met herI was partially vegan but I had never tasted food the way she prepared it so becoming fully vegan was easy. Naturally the most important ingredient in all her food is love. I’ve learned to infuse my food with love when I’m cooking.
As a chef she is creative, presenting amazing arrays of colours and tastes that delight the senses. The snacks are decadent and the mains a never-ending array of brilliance. The presentation is always spectacular and the tastes burst in one’s mouth…truly divine. The vegan, refined-sugar, gluten-free treats have spoiled me forever and only by creating some of her recipes can I get close to once again enjoying Trinity’s mouth-watering creations. On retreat the highlight is often the breaks where we know Ana has lovingly prepared the healthiest most scrumptious food we’ve ever had.”
Joann Doran – Canada