Dolphins are incredible creatures with an abundance of inspiration as animal spirit guides. Whether they are showing up in our dreams or we are simply drawn to their energy, they come with a gift of insight in our spiritual journey. Let’s explore the deeper meaning of the Spirit of the Dolphin…

Trusting in Ourselves:

“Dolphins remind us to trust our deepest intuition or sixth sense”

Dolphins use echolocation to ‘see’ in the dark waters. It is like a sixth sense that guides their direction, helps them to find food, and alerts them to danger. This reminds us to trust our intuition and inner guidance to help us on our path of life. It reminds us to always honour that deeper knowing from within ourselves, for to ignore it brings us out of balance and alignment with the authentic flow of our lives.

Dolphins send out a sonic frequency that bounces off objects. In return, they receive a clear ‘picture’  that they interpret as a vibrational sensation of whatever physical objects are in their field range. From this, they create a map, so that they know what things are and where they can find them. Many sensitive people will already feel energetic vibrations, emotions, and feelings around them, picking them up using their inner ‘antenna’ (although trusting what we feel is usually another matter). This is a wonderful gift of being human that the spirit of the dolphin can inspire us to fine-tune.

Dolphins know which objects are sentient (living) and which an inanimate (not living). They know what to avoid and what to embrace. They invite us to learn a similar discernment between what we are meant to engage with and what we are meant to ignore in life or what is right for us and what is not (whether physical, mental, or emotional).

Spirit of the dolphin by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Healing Our Inner Child:

“Playfulness is a powerful healing tool”

Dolphins understand the importance of playfulness, as it forms a big part of their daily life. They remind us not to take life too seriously. They invite us to laugh, dance, play, twirl and nourish our spirits with playfulness and fun.

Dolphins are excellent animal spirit guides for inner child work. Their ‘spirit medicine’ can help to heal and nourish those forgotten and suppressed aspects of ourselves that long to be loved, that yearn to come up to the surface and heal.


The Breath That Breathes Us:

“Power of breath for releasing deep emotions”

Dolphins show us the power of breath and how it inspires deep emotional balance and alignment of our natural rhythms. Dolphin energy encourages us to exhale suppressed emotions whilst inhaling balance, peace, and calm.

Water represents our emotions (and diving deep represents the depth of those emotions). Dolphins hold their breath underwater and then exhale fully and completely when they rise to the surface… This fascinates me because when I meditate using ‘dolphin breathing’ something powerful happens. 

When I say ‘dolphin breathing’ it means that I inhale fully, then gently hold my breath for a few seconds and then exhale calmly and fully, releasing energy that I am ready to let go of.

During this dolphin breathing meditation, I sense an incredible stillness and acceptance of all that is within me on the brief ‘holding of breath’ stage. The acceptance and non-judgment I feel are incredibly healing on an emotional level as it allowing of all things, my light, my darkness, and all the shades in between. This, in turn, enables me to let it all go as I breathe and release outwards. 

Expressing Honestly with Integrity:

“Voice healing and communication”

Dolphins are masters at communication using a complex structure of clicks and whistles. Their grace and ease of expression through sound remind us to embrace sound for inspiration and healing.

We might find healing through inspiring music, voice work, and singing or sound healing with gongs/crystal bowls. I have singing crystal bowls and the first one I ever acquired carries the frequency of the spirit of the dolphin… it remains my favourite bowl to this very day, and resonates to my core.

Voice work (especially singing consciously) can help us to communicate more effectively by removing blockages in our communication energy channels. It can encourage us to find an ever more honest expression in a world where perhaps we are not encouraged to give voice to what is truly important to us. It may also help us to discern when it is important to give voice and other times when it is better to quietly know without sharing in words.

Dolphins are diplomatic by nature, with an honesty that is not ruled by fear of consequences but instead motivated by the integrity of being, fairness and love. These are qualities that can inspire us all. 

Dolphin Spirit Energy in our Meditations and Dreams

Many years ago I had a powerful spiritual dolphin vision that engulfed my day, drawing everything else around me to stillness. It was a waking dream experience that happened when I close my eyes and let go. I was trusting that I would see ‘whatever I needed to see’ and in the moment I received a deeply inspiring message from the depths. It’s a paradox, to be felt, beyond the words…

It’s as if I was the enitre ocean, the vastness of the ocean, through and part of every drop. I was everywhere and nowhere, holding the awareness of both worlds at the same time. The oceanic water ebbed and flowed, danced and arose. After a timeless, no time, that could have quite easily been minutes or hours, my soul began to take form; a condensing of energy, condensing of water, gathering, surging forward. My soul became a wave upon that ocean. I was both water and wave and the nothingness of space in-between. Yet forming and forming as a wave, until my consciousness was pulled like an surging magnetic force into the wave. I became the wave as it grew in strength until it was a phenomenal size.

From the heart of the wave, then appeared a dolphin. Not of flesh and bone, but formed of water and energy. I became both wave and dolphin.

From the depth of the blue, through the heart of the wave, like lightning. Neither creature, nor water, it was like an Angel rising from the depths. A gift for our precious and Sacred Earth.

It came with it an incredible message of love, flowing through all things with unditional love for all sentient life. The Spirit of the Dolphin had spoken to me and has had a special place in my heart ever since.

Dolphins incarnated on this planet with an incredible message of Love. You just have to contemplate a dolphin to feel their energy pulsating outwards, igniting a pure depth of consciousness within yourself. This vision touched me so powerfully, permeating every cell of being with unconditional love.

Sentient Intelligence

Dolphins have a reputation for incredible intelligence. They do, as many believe, far surpass what mankind experiences in terms of intelligence. They do not simply rely on mental intelligence, but also embody ‘Sentient Intelligence’.

Dolphins touch a place beyond the ordinary, the space between the spaces, having maintained one of the most important gifts on the road of spiritual evolution – ‘Love and Compassion for all Sentient Life’.

They do not judge, seek revenge for all the ills placed upon them by the greed and selfishness of mankind. Dolphins are unconditional, true sentient beings. They have an energy paralleled with a higher paradigm based on absolute trust, where all beings are respected as one, where there is no such thing as greed and selfishness and no concept of betrayal.

Maintaining their innocence and connection with their sentient spiritual depths brings with it a powerful animal spirit medicine to inspire us because they touch a space that is at the longing of every person’s soul. They touch that as a natural state of being.

Dolphin Spirit: A Beacon of Light

Over the years I have read countless accounts of dolphins saving people from death by sharks or drowning in the ocean. In the grand ecology of nature, they really don’t have to. Yet, their purpose, is perhaps deeper than might first meet the eye.

It’s their energy. It’s a beacon of light, a bridge between worlds, an inspiration in a time when we need it on this Sacred Earth most of all.

Spirit of the dolphin by Anastasia, Kind Earth

Spirit of the Dolphin: Soul to Soul Communication

When I transcend this place and touch the Spirit of the Dolphin, I sense an incredible expression of Unity Consciousness, where we are all connected. Their ‘Sentient Intelligence’ is like an intangible mist that evades the grasp of anything other than absolute surrender to the divine. Ahhhhhhh! It is a communication of the soul and travels on the waves of divine consciousness.

If you feel a loving and compassionate affinity with dolphins, then embrace them with all your heart, for they hold an important key for evolution. They are our brothers and sisters, sent as messengers to inspire the movement into a much more compassionate and Kind Earth.

Soul to Soul

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