Let’s talk about grounding for empaths.

As an empath, I have always been somewhat ‘ethereal’ in nature. Being ethereal can feel rather blissful, expansive and freeing. A welcomed relief from the intensity of being an empath. When I say ‘ethereal’ in nature I really mean, finding peace by being a bit disconnected from the earthly plane. Because let’s face it, it can be a bit challenging for us humans. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, ethereal means ‘of, or relating to regions beyond the earth; celestial; heavenly’. Yes, please!

I like to think that the ether is the space in which pure energy flourishes. It’s the space between the spaces where we can take a break from feeling overwhelmed by the world. It’s where life force, chi, manna, and universal life energy flow.

Since empaths are all about energy – feeling, sensing, transmuting and vibrating energetic frequencies – the ether is somewhat of a haven for sensitive beings. It can be like bathing in a sea of light. It’s peaceful, calm and unconditional. Etheric energy is a language that empaths understand. It just makes sense. It feels like home.

For me, being ethereal was always the easy part. Being embodied and grounded as an empath, however, whilst feeling and sensing all of the energies around me, took a lot more getting used to!

Crash landing back to earth

I didn’t use to be grounded at all, often feeling floaty without an anchor. I’d be infused with an incredible sense of lightness, yet you could knock me over with a feather. This is where the problem was. It resulted in continual ‘crash landings’ – back to earth!

These abrupt, harsh jolts would send me in a spin. I’d feel overwhelmed and totally washed through with chaotic energies, a feeling that is so familiar for empaths. Without being grounded, it was difficult to discharge the energies that I’d taken on board.

Without a firm ground to stand on, I didn’t get that sense of supportive calm that happens naturally when we are earthed.

If you want to bring in the light, it needs a place to ground itself

There was a point when it dawned on me that without grounding my experience of being an empath with an Earth connection, I was just floating around like a tumbleweed in the wind. Which is all very well, but it didn’t really serve a purpose. My spiritual experiences were amazing, with the most powerful of realisations, yet I was drifting.

I realised that my efforts to bring in the divine and really serve my purpose were fruitless unless I gave it a firm ground to land upon. So, I soon learned the vital importance of being grounded as an empath.

Why is grounding for empaths so important?

One of the problems that empaths and highly sensitives face is feeling depleted and frazzled because we take on too much energy from outside of ourselves.

Here’s why grounding is important…

  1. Grounding offers an instant way to discharge unwanted energies
  2. Grounding helps us to find balance
  3. Grounding restores and rejuvenates our energy field
  4. Grounding promotes an instant sense of calm
  5. Grounding improves mental, emotional and empathic clarity
  6. Grounding helps to give our life’s purpose somewhere to land
  7. Grounding helps give the light of the Divine somewhere to land

The Mother Earth connection

Even though we might feel the depths of compassion for Mother Earth, being grounded doesn’t come naturally to many Empaths. It is usually a process that has to be learned.

The wonderful irony for me was, that despite my inclination towards the etheric realms, Mother Earth was (and is) one of my greatest inspirations. With the unconditional love of a true Mother, she has constantly been by my side, guiding me through this incarnation. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. She speaks to us all, guiding us with her ancient wisdom – all we need to do is listen.

Our physical bodies are made of the same stuff that Mother Earth is. In this sense, we are all also children of the Earth (no matter where in the universe we feel we might have previously come from).

When we go out into nature our energetic frequency begins to oscillate at the same frequency as the Earth. This brings us to life. It breathes us. It restores and rejuvenates our energy field. The frequency of Mother Earth is incredibly healing. It’s perfectly configured for optimal human beingness.

Becoming Earthed

I’ve since discovered many techniques for grounding. There is now a lot of science to support the validity of grounding techniques too.

The most effective methods to ground yourself as an empath are often the most simple.

  • Walking in nature is powerful, as well as anything that helps us feel our bodies (i.e dancing, movement). I find that being barefoot and feeling the ground beneath my feet, instantly rekindles my affinity with the Earth. I love to spend time connecting with anything natural; communing with the trees; adoring wildlife; feeling the majesty of the rolling hills and mountains.
  • Swimming in a lake or the sea is a powerful way to ground yourself. There is also a lot of data to suggest that cold water exposure, when done safely and with awareness can stimulate the vagus nerve and reduce the psychological markers for stress. There is a lot of science to support this these days.

Simple grounding for empaths advice

  1. Acknowledge the importance of grounding for yourself
  2. Commit to consciously connecting with nature whenever possible
  3. Use meditation to help you ground and connect with Mother Earth

A grounding meditation for empaths
(whilst honouring your etheric nature)

Here’s a very easy method of grounding wherever you are, even if you aren’t out in nature. In this meditation, we also honour your natural ethereal nature too. Ideally, find a natural spot, connected to the Earth, however, if you can’t do that where you are at the time, just visualise your connection with the ground…

Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your connection with Mother Earth.

Feel your energetic ‘roots’ sink into the Earth, through your feet (if standing) or base chakra (if seated).

When you feel connected, get a sense of Mother Earth’s pure energy rising up through you. Allow her energy to flow up through your base allowing the infusion of Earthly energies throughout your body.

Feel the fullness of your body as you feel grounded and connected with Mother Earth.

Allow your ethereal self to infuse into your body WHILST maintaining your sense of groundedness.

Your ethereal and earthly energies will begin to dance together and infuse.

Carry on with your day feeling the fullness of your groundedness. Feeling alert and connected. Present and aware.

A video with a simple guided meditation to help you ground and feel supported by Mother Earth…

As an empath, hopefully, much of the advice shared in this article will help to maintain a sense of yourself, without getting overly lost in other people’s energies.

Soul to Soul

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