This is, hands down, the best ‘easy’ sauce I have ever made! Blending tomato with coconut is one of the reasons why divine alchemy works so well in the Conscious Kitchen. This coconut/tomato combination features in many different recipes (just sayin’ that in case you are new here).

Today we are taking things right back down to basics so I can share what is possibly the easiest, most popular sauce ever, that I serve to guests. The reason that it works so well is that I am using passata (will explain what that is in a moment) and ‘creamed’ coconut’ (will also explain what that is below too). These are incredible ingredients that I would not do without (well unless I suppose, I got stranded on a desert island where I had to live on just coconuts or something).

Trinity's Original Tomoconut Sauce - tomato sauce for veggie burgers, wedges, falafels and everything #vegan #dairyfree

First of all let me say, this sauce serves with just about anything you would use a sauce for (like veggie burgers, potato wedges). Hot or cold. It also serves beautifully with falafels and works as a blummin’ brilliant pasta sauce. I might also mix it with steamed vegetables, chickpeas, beans mushrooms or use it as the sauce base in a crumble-bake.

This sauce originally featured in my recipe book Angelicious. However, today, I have taken it right back down to the absolute essentials, because sometimes less is more! In the case of this sauce, it works to perfection with 4 ingredients: passata, creamed coconut, salt, and pepper. You can, however, add fresh ginger, garlic, fresh or dried herbs etc. depending on what you fancy at the time.

What is passata? And is there a substitute? 

Passata is a thick sauce made from sieved tomatoes. Sometimes you will find salt added (I prefer to buy without salt and add sea salt when I use it). The tomatoes have essentially been strained of their seeds and skins. Passata is commonly used in Italian cooking, although I use in abundance in Conscious Kitchen cooking for international dishes of all sorts (from curries to soups to cottage pies and bakes). Brands of passata vary meaning that some will be super smooth and others more chunky in texture.

Passata is NOT the same as tomato puree (which is more concentrated and thicker). You can use tomato puree as a substitute for some passata uses but will need to add more water to your blend. I wouldn’t really recommend it for this recipe though as puree can be a bit too strong at times.

One of the best substitutes for passata is canned tomatoes (that is IF you can get plain canned tomatoes where the only ingredient is actually ‘tomato’). You can put the canned tomatoes through a blender to make them smoother and they will work just fine as an alternative. Otherwise, you could try roasting some plum tomatoes in the oven and then blending them as a substitute.

What do I mean by creamed coconut?

Creamed coconut is this awesome stuff, that many of you will already have heard of (maybe you have even heard of it because I go on-and-on-and-on about it all the time lol!).

Creamed Coconut (not to be confused with ‘coconut cream’) comes in a pure, solid, concentrated block that melts on heating. It is the unsweetened dehydrated fresh meat of a mature coconut, that has been ground into a semi-solid white cream.

It solidifies at normal room temperature.

You can find it along with coconut milk in health food stores and it is often available in the world food section of a supermarket too. Read all about it here: What is creamed coconut (versus coconut cream & coconut butter)

Trinity's Original Tomoconut Sauce - tomato sauce for veggie burgers, wedges, falafels and everything #vegan #dairyfree

Check out this video that I made to show you how insanely easy this is to make…

Trinity's Original Tomoconut Sauce - tomato sauce for veggie burgers, wedges, falafels and everything #vegan #dairyfree

Trinity's Original Tomoconut Sauce (good for just about everything)

Yield: 300ml
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Probably the only sauce you will ever need. This is Trinity's original homemade "Tomoconut Sauce", made with tomato and coconut. Serves with veggie burgers, wedges, falafels or even as a pasta sauce.


  • 200ml salt-free passata (just under 1 cup) - see notes for alternatives
  • 50g creamed coconut ( 1/4 of a normal 200g block)
  • 50ml water (just over 3 tablespoons)
  • Big pinch of sea salt
  • Big twist of black pepper


Chop the creamed coconut into small pieces.

Melt the creamed coconut in a pan along with all the other ingredients.

Use a gentle heat and stir regularly for around 5 minutes to make sure everything has softened together nicely.

You can cook this longer if you prefer (although it is ready after only a few minutes).

Serve hot, warm or cold.

You can put this in the freezer (in an ice cube tray if you want to keep in smaller batches).

Use on veggie burgers, falafels, potato wedges or as a sauce for vegetables or pasta.


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Trinity's Original Tomoconut Sauce - tomato sauce for veggie burgers, wedges, falafels and everything #vegan #dairyfree