Introducing creamed coconut

Creamed Coconut (not to be confused with ‘coconut cream’) comes in a pure, solid, concentrated block that melts on heating. It is the unsweetened dehydrated fresh meat of a mature coconut, that has been ground into a semi-solid white cream.

It solidifies at normal room temperature.

You can find it along with coconut milk in health food stores and it is often available in the same aisle that you find coconut milk in a supermarket too.

What is creamed coconut used for?

It can be used in any recipe that calls for an intense coconut flavour. You might find it in South East Asia, Indian or world fusion cuisine.

Creamed coconut can act as a helpful thickening agent. It can be added at the end of the cooking period to thicken the sauce up. Alternatively, it can be used to make desserts hold together well. For example, this vegan strawberry pie uses creamed coconut to create a perfect cheesecake consistency.

In my recipes, I use it in decadent desserts, such as chocolate coconut fudge, and savoury meals like curry or soup.

How to use creamed coconut?

Unless you live in a hot country (or have an exceedingly warm kitchen), you’ll have to melt your creamed coconut in order to use it. You can melt it by putting it in a pan with heated ingredients. It is also easy to melt it in the bag, in hot water or by placing it by a heat source.

Chop it up or grate it to make it easier to melt (see my video below for a quick demo).

Is creamed coconut the same as coconut cream?

I understand your confusion!

No, creamed coconut and coconut cream or not the same thing. Let me explain.

Coconut cream is a much thicker version of coconut milk.  

Traditionally, you make coconut milk by grating or shredding mature coconut meat and then squeezing it through a cheesecloth. In a factory, however, the coconut flesh is blanched in hot water, making it easier to shred. The coconut is then shredded. More water is added to the coconut before being squeezed out with a press to create what we know as coconut milk.

Coconut cream is often produced during the first pressing of coconut milk, but without adding any water. 

Coconut cream is also produced when a thick concentrated layer of cream rises to the top of coconut milk in a can. 

Creamed coconut versus coconut butter

Creamed coconut is essentially the same as coconut butter.

Coconut butter is created in the same way that creamed coconut is by grinding down mature coconut flesh until a creamy butter is created. It solidifies at normal room temperature, in exactly the same way that creamed coconut does and melts when it gets warm. This means that you can use coconut butter in exactly the same way as creamed coconut. 

It is worth noting that creamed coconut is, however, usually significantly less expensive to buy than coconut butter. You can use them interchangeably. The creamed coconut usually has a small amount of solidified cocooil that rises to the top of the packet, although this works fine in recipes.

Imagine this melting into your pot – creating a gorgeously fragrant, thick, creamy coconut deliciousness… YES!

Creamed coconut

Is it vegan?

Yes, creamed coconut is totally vegan. It is produced from the pure flesh of a coconut, with nothing else added. It makes an excellent substitute for dairy in recipes where you are looking for a thick creamy alternative.

Where to get creamed coconut block from?

You can usually find it in good health food shops, right by the coconut milk. It’s also often available in supermarkets. In a supermarket, you can usually find it in the aisle where coconut milk is found or the world food aisle.

It varies in price. So if you are looking for a good deal then shop around.

If you are stuck then you can also order it online as follows…

Organic Creamed Coconut in North America

Since it is such an important ingredient in many of my recipes and to save any confusion, here is the coconut that I use when I am catering in the USA and Canada.
You can find it in good health food stores or buy it online via this link:
Let’s Do Organic Coconut, 7-Ounce Boxes



UK & Europe

And this is the one I tend to buy when I am in the UK. This (or similar versions) are easily available in good health food shops or supermarkets. You can also buy it online via this link here:
Biona Organic Coconut 200 g



Recipes Using Creamed Coconut

Here are some delicious recipe ideas that everyone loves…

Creamed coconut recipes by Anastasia


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