I am sure that you have noticed how good you feel after going for a walk in nature? Or how relaxed you feel when sitting down in a park, pottering in a garden, walking barefoot on the beach or even sitting on the grass?

There’s something about connecting with the Earth that harmonises our internal rhythms, induces inner-peace and recharges us.

Personally speaking, throughout the trials and tribulations of my life, it seems to me that it is Mother Earth and a profound connection with nature that above all else,  that has been my greatest healing. 

The frequency of Mother Earth induces calm and intuition

Mother Earth is an electromagnetic being – and so are we! We are made of the same stuff. Not surprisingly, when we connect with nature our energetic frequency begins to oscillate the same frequency as the Earth. We attune to her heartbeat, her breath and she holds us. 

The modern world disconnection

Our modern world has encouraged us to become increasingly disconnected from nature. We live indoors, wear shoes that create a barrier to the Earth, work in offices, are subject to constant distraction, hyper-stimulation and generally (many of us at least) have a distinct lack of connection with nature.

In our ‘modern’ world we pick up frequencies that are not us; electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from the swathes of gadgets and appliances that surround us.

In essence, we are constantly taking on frequencies that aren’t very supportive of our minds and human bodies; frequencies that conflict with our natural resonance.

Like an electrical cable flipping all over the place

Without being connected to the Earth, we become unearthed (I imagine this a bit like an electrical cable, flipping all over the place, that isn’t grounded).  Without grounding, it becomes difficult for us to discharge the frequencies that we’ve taken on board. We become overwhelmed and washed through with chaotic energies. 

When I say energies I also mean negative energies/projections from others, energies from the ‘go-go-go’ hyper-stimulation of the modern world, unnatural things and other challenging situations.

This stress on our system creates stress and anxiety. Over time, it takes its toll on our mental and physical health too. Without a connection with the Earth, we don’t get that incredible sense of supportive calm and well-being that happens naturally when we are earthed.

Bringing us back to life

Connecting with the Earth literally brings us to life. It breathes us. It restores and rejuvenates our energy field. The frequency of Mother Earth is incredibly healing. It’s perfectly configured for optimal human beingness.

Earth is like an enormous battery – connect with it and we recharge!

How does connecting with nature help our well-being?

Connecting with the Earth is an instant way to discharge unwanted energies (mentally, physically and emotionally)

Connecting with the Earth restores and rejuvenates our energy field

Connecting with the Earth promotes an instant sense of calm

Connecting with the Earth improves mental and emotional clarity

Connecting with the Earth helps to to get in touch with our true selves

Connecting with the Earth can ease depression and anxiety

The mental and emotional well-being associated with connecting with the Earth can have a positive knock on effect to other challenges in our lives, including physical, disease and illness

Becoming Earthed for Optimal Well-Being

I’ve discovered many techniques for grounding and connecting with the Earth. The most effective are often the most simple.

Walking in nature is powerful, as well as spending time in a green park. I find that being barefoot and feeling the ground beneath my feet, instantly rekindles my affinity with the Earth. I love to spend time connecting with anything natural; communing with the trees; adoring wildlife; feeling the majesty of the rolling hills and mountains; running my hands through a flowing river. Connecting with the Earth also includes sand and the ocean. I don’t often get the opportunity, but when I do, I love to walk barefoot on the sand and connect with the water.

Simple tips for connecting with nature

  1. Spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day consciously connecting with the earth on a walk, in a park, on the beach. Touch a tree with love – well, hey, why not wrap your arms around that tree while you are there, and enjoy a loving embrace.
  2. Go barefoot! This is a priceless connection. Kick off your shoes and feel the pulse of the Earth flow up to nourish every cell of your being.
    As Thich Nhat Hahn said… 

    “Walk as if you are
    kissing the Earth with your feet.”

  3. Sit on a small piece of lawn and feel your self melting downwards into the earth for a moment.
  4. Notice the sounds in nature. Feel the sounds of nature washing through you, whether it’s birds, water, the breeze, the rain or the sound of natures stillness.
  5. Observe the colours of nature and how the light changes throughout the day. Notice how a little ray of sunlight dances on the leaves. Notice the depth of green in different leaves or how the sky dances at dusk.
  6. Take a vacation in nature hiking, backpacking or gently exploring.
  7. Find new, local nature spots and explore.
  8. Use simple meditation to help you ground and reconnect with Mother Earth wherever you are.

You might be surprised at what a massive difference these things can make to your well-being.

A grounding meditation to connect with the Earth

Here’s a very easy method of grounding wherever you are. Ideally, find a natural spot, connected to the Earth (a large rock, grass, earth, sand). However, if you can’t connect to Earth that where you are at the time, just visualise your connection with the ground, until you can find a natural spot. Just the sense of connecting with the Earth can support us too.

Here’s a short video I made to talk through this very simple meditation…



Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your connection with Mother Earth.

Feel your energetic ‘roots’ sink into the Earth, through your feet (if standing) or base chakra (if seated).

When you feel connected, get a sense of Mother Earth pure energy rising up through you. Allow her energy to flow up through your base allowing the infusion of Earthly energies throughout your body.

Feel the fullness of your body as you feel grounded and connected with Mother Earth.

Allow your self to fully infuse into your body WHILST maintaining your sense of groundedness.

Carry on with your day feeling the fullness of your groundedness. Feeling alert and connected. Present and aware.

How do you connect with nature?
Do you have any favourite ways that I’ve not mentioned here? Please do share in the comments below.

Soul to Soul