The other day I was walking through the woods and had an experience that infused me with such profound love and compassion that I fell to my knees. The most divine energy appeared, breathing through the breath of the trees; dancing light through every cell of my being; singing the birds into life with a heavenly chorus that made my soul burst with radiance. There was an ethereal pulse enlivening the whole woodland with a love so profound that my world slowed down into absolute stand still. For a while, I walked together with angels, delighting in the vibrations of light as it flickered through the trees, as it lit up everything I could see around me. After this happened, it moved me to revisit this article I’d written many years ago about the importance of true compassion for our spiritual journey and evolution. I felt to re-share here. Please don’t get caught up in words ‘though – just feel the energy and allow it to ignite something within your own depths.

Shattering the old world and birthing a new one based on unconditional love

This type of experience that I had in the woodland always leaves me with an incredible beacon of sentience and interconnectivity with all living things. It infuses an unmistakable shining light through me with a reminder that ALL beings are worthy of love and compassion. A message that the strength of true compassion is enough to shatter the old world that we all long to let of – whilst unleashing the light of the Earth to birth a new one – a new world based on unconditional love and compassion for all.

The message has come to us in many forms over the aeons, encoded, in the space between the spaces, as a story free from dogma, to be touched only by the Soul. It carries with it an untainted innocence waiting to be realised and reborn. The message awaits within the heart of each of us, dormant until stirred, like a hibernating seed, unaware, yet ever yearning for the moment to be set free.

The simple message is an important (or dare I say crucial) key to our evolution…

‘Compassion for all sentient life’.

Compassion for all sentient beings

One of the most important keys that I have found on the spiritual journey, is “Love and compassion for all sentient beings”. When we touch that space of absolute oneness, compassion is something that arises naturally, as a surge of light from the well of divine consciousness itself.

True compassion holds a particular vibration. This vibration is crucial, as it works somewhat like a key to unlock the higher paradigm within us. It is this energy that raises our vibration, because, as it resounds from our core, it will shatter the entire lower paradigm around us, leaving no other way, than expansive spiritual evolution.

The way to access it, is to remove all the blockages that denature and anaesthetise us from the fullness of it’s radiance – which, in a nutshell, amounts to letting go of the entire lower paradigm. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Sounds like a tall order – yet what else is there to do!

Letting go of judgement

To truly understand compassion, it is important that there is no judgement of it and what it means. ALL is the operative word. True compassion does not judge who is worthy or not.

Compassion is not a thought that decides that ‘you’ve got to love all creatures, beings and trees’ – you just do, naturally, because, you touch a space where you experience no ‘you and them’ anymore, but rather, you are all one of the same. It’s so deep that the entire world falls away at times. It’s an energy at the core of all sentient life that you tune into – that you become – that you radiate outwards.

Be aware, though…. it cannot be imitated. It’s not a mind-led thing and the purpose of me writing here is simply to resonate a frequency that might inspire something inside of you.

Authenticity is an important ‘test’ on the journey. A difficult challenge at times in a world of countless illusionary bubbles. Allow compassion to radiate from from your core – through every cell of your being.

Authentic compassion -v- synthetic compassion

I’ve sometimes been asked questions like ‘how do I know if the love and compassion I feel is authentic, real or if I just fabricated it out of my own neediness?’

So how do you know?

If in any doubt, if you care or feel that you care, but are unsure of where it is coming from, I say, keep feeling. Keep unraveling. Watch your motivations. Watch closely within. If it is difficult, keep holding the space. Keep opening. Notice what is going on…

  • Where does the energy arise from?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • Do you need the situation to have a particular outcome?
  • Do you need a particular response?
  • Do you placate others, in order to ‘keep the peace’, to make everyone feel comfortable whilst losing peace in your own heart or feeling drained yourself?
  • Do you judge people as ‘good’ or ‘bad’?
  • Do you love yourself? 

There’s a kind of aneasthetised compassion, that may appear as brilliantly caring on the surface, yet, underneath, the person could be seething with resentment for putting them selves last, or it could be the ‘programmed dogmatic response’ of compassion, which is rather just placating others, making ourselves feel like we are doing our bit, telling people what they want to hear, in order that no one ever has to confront anything uncomfortable. Look for the signs of masked compassion.

Loving yourself

Above all, love yourself. Forgive yourself. We’ve all screwed up somewhere down the line. Goodness me, I know I have! Forgive yourself. See every experience in life as an opportunity to know yourself deeper. You can’t even begin to feel true compassion whilst harbouring guilt, resentment and self depreciation. You can only help others to the point you’ve helped yourself. So, I would say, if you haven’t forgiven yourself yet, then go ahead! Love yourself.

Compassion and the comfort zone

True love and compassion, does not seek to placate in order to keep the peace. Nor does it purposefully avoid conflict. True compassion recognises the truth of the situation, holding an open space, and then allowing whatever is divinely given to flow in. It might just be an energy, like a beacon of light that inspires; it might equally be that you are given to bring ‘undesirable’ news, that will invoke a conflict in order to evolve a higher harmony. This often pushes people out of their comfort zone, inviting a deeper exploration and letting go of ‘stuff’.

It’s a gift.
It’s a response from the Soul.

Gandhi seemed to be a good example of this. He stood with unwavering compassion, non-judgement and love for all sentient beings. He didn’t shrink in the face of adversity. He stood fast with honesty, integrity and an open heart. As the metaphoric walls crumbled around him, an unmistakable light permeated from the centre of his Soul. This light is within us all. It is an unattached, unwavering beacon.

You might feel the most incredible compassion, even when holding up a mirror to another, knowing that it is possible that they’ll blame you for being the bringer of ‘bad’ news or even hate you for it. But you trust. Sometimes the most loving thing to do, is to say something that needs to be said, if it is divinely given to do so, whatever the perceived outcome may be. You can do it lovingly, but at times, there is just no softly softly way to be honest. At times it may create the space to allow a higher harmony to flood in, it to allow an older, outdated energy to fall away. Trust and non-attachment to the outcome is required in these situations. Remember, higher consciousness knows exactly how to navigate through the chaos. Trust in yourself.

Sometimes the most loving thing to do, is to walk away. Humility is not needing any particular outcome. Humility is being a messenger from beyond, yet without being attached to the message. Humility is not having to prove our point. It is trusting that if we are meant to walk away, then that is the right thing to do. It is feeling what is divinely given to do, right in that moment.

No two situations ever call for exactly the same response.

Blockages are simply an opportunity to unleash the soul

If you feel that your compassion is a little off kilter in any way, don’t lose heart. See it as an opportunity to unravel your inner blockages in order that you touch a depth of soul that will ignite the higher paradigm. Keep chipping away. Break down the walls and unleash the light of your soul.

Surrender, flow and trust that as each moment arises, you will know what to do. Or if you don’t know, then hold the space, surrender, let go, until what you are meant to do wells up from the centre of your soul. True compassion is something to be experienced. It is an unmistakable resonance from the centre of your Soul. It will propel you forwards and give you the strength to do whatever is divinely given to do.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what this inspires in you.
Soul to Soul