It is common for most of us to absorb energies from the world around us. Those energies might be from people, situations or jarring things.

It is just the way the universe works. We attract to us what we have energetic receptors for whether we like it or not. There is always something to learn…

Why am I drawing the situation to myself?
What is the message in this for me?
Is there something I am being invited to let go of?

Personally speaking (although I have no doubt I speak for many of us), 2017 has been an incredibly tough year for me. I’ve been tested to my limits and then stretched beyond those confines, touching the most unfathomable depths. I’ve even questioned my sanity on more than one occasion (which I’ve learned is actually a good thing! It’s people who never question their sanity that you have to be careful of hahaha).

Of course everything happens for a reason. Knowing this has helped me to focus on letting go and allowing the fullness of myself to unfold through it all. There were many beautiful moments too in the midst of the chaos. In fact it was a wonderful roller coaster of embracing the ‘all of it’ for which I am thankful!

One of the most helpful things I’ve found this year to support my journey is meditation. Meditation comes in many ways. Sometimes out walking in nature, in the kitchen, washing the dishes and of course sitting down and consciously letting go to clear energies.

Today I am sharing a meditation that I often carry out. It’s short and easy to do it wherever we are.

This meditation involves noticing energies that we’ve absorbed into our bodies from outside of us… or noticing thoughts about things/situations/people from outside of us… accepting what is… and then allowing those energies to naturally fall away. After which, we begin to feel our own unique vibration at our core.

Simply put, it’s all about letting go of energies that we’ve taken into our field that no longer serve us.

So here it is, from my heart to yours. I trust that my short video will help you to let go and release, in order that you create more space in your own being for the wonderful YOU that you are.

Soul to Soul