Here in Avalon the autumn chill has well and truly started, so I’m beginning to enjoy some hearty, nurturing dishes whilst snuggled around my open fire. The recipe I am sharing in this article is a gorgeous warming soup that uses squash as the base. The inviting fragrance of cardamom, warming hint of ginger, earthy mushrooms, tomato, coconut and fresh herbs weave together to create a delightfully pleasing soup. I use the seeds from the cardamom pods, which imbue a richer, more aromatic flavour than it’s pre-ground version. Cardamom and ginger (like many quality herbs and spices) unleash a myriad of health benefits. As hypocrates once said ‘Let food be thy medicine’.

You can use any sort of mushrooms for this recipe, although I prefer flavourful ones like chestnut or even shiitake.

Mushroom & Cardamom, Squash Soup

Mushroom & Cardamom, Squash Soup

Yield: 2 hearty bowls
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes


  • 350g of peeled squash (equivalent to about 2½ cups when the squash is cubed)
  • 300 - 400ml (1¼ to 1¾ cups) water (depending on preferrence)
  • 125ml coconut cream (5 tablespoons)
  • 1 heaped teaspoon ginger (freshly grated)
  • 4 cardamom pods
  • 1 teaspoon celtic sea salt
  • 250ml (1 cup) passata (also known as strained or sieved tomatoes)
  • 1 medium sized leek
  • 200g (couple of large handfuls) mushrooms
  • Dash of coconut oil
  • A handful of fresh herbs (either parsley or basil)


  • You will need two pans for this recipe. It is simple to make, created in two parts that are combined together to create one delicious soup. The first part involves creating a squash sauce/soup base. While that is cooking, you will need to sauteé the leek and mushrooms separately.
  • Creating the squash soup base:[cap id="attachment_2463" align="alignright" width="300"][img src="" width="300" height="199" class=" size-medium" title="Mushroom Cardamom Soup blending the base"]Blend the squash base until nice and smooth[/cap]

    1. Peel and dice approximately 350g of squash. Chopping into cubes (under an inch cubed in size will work fine).
    2. Open your cardamom pods and take out the seeds. Finely chop these seeds with a sharp knife by going over and over them again and scraping your tiny pile back to centre a few times; until the seeds seem well chopped (as best you can anyway).
    3. Peel and finely grate 1 heaped teaspoon worth of fresh ginger.
    4. Add all the cardamom and ginger to your squash pan with the water, coconut cream, passata and sea salt. Bring to the boil and then allow to simmer for at least 15 minutes (or until the squash is soft enough to easily pierce with a fork).
    5. Blend until smooth, right there in the pan with a hand blender (immersion blender) if you have one; or blend in a jug blender.

    Cooking the leek and mushrooms:

    1. Whilst you are waiting for the squash to cook... Melt a dash of coconut oil in a pan, turn on the heat.
    2. Roughly chop your mushrooms and chop leeks quite small.
    3. Add to the pan and gently sauteé for a few minutes until soft.

    Bringing it all together:

    1. Add the mushroom and leek into the main squash base and gently mix in along with a generous handful of fresh basil or parsley.

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    Serve with fresh healthy bread or delicious home-made savoury rosemary oatcakes (try my oatcake recipe here: Rosemary Oatcakes) and enjoy!

    If you want a little advice on how to crush those cardamom pods, then please do check out my short video here:

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