This really is an exciting way to use olives to make a scrumptious pâté. The richness of the sundried tomato, dances so perfectly with the other ingredients to create a thick, spreadable, delicious pâté. With a real satiating ‘ahhhh’, this all-vegan tapenade is ideal to spread on a cracker, use in a sandwich or enjoy with pasta. It also works as an absolute treat when I serve up big salad buffets. The wonderful thing is that it is so easy to make. If you remember to soak your tomatoes in advance you can whip up a big batch in just a few minutes with a hand blender. Originally featured in my recipe book ‘Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen‘ this is so incredibly simple, yet gourmet…

Serves: 4 – 6
Preparation: 5 minutes
(plus overnight soaking)


200g green or black pitted olives
40g sundried tomatoes
1 medium clove garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
Small handful of garden herbs (optional)

  1. Soak sundried tomatoes overnight and then drain off the soak-water. If you use pre-soaked sundried tomatoes you will need about 80g of them rather than 40g.
  2. Blend together well with a hand blender to make a pâté.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

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Trinity's BOOK in 3DThis recipe was originally published in my full colour book ‘Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen’ –
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