Love is somewhat of a mystery to most of us, because it’s kind of intangible and undefinable. It’s difficult to grasp with the intellectual mind. We can point to it, yet, it’s only when we experience it that it begins to fully make sense. To truly love, we have to let go, feel beyond the words and experience it through the soul. There’s a formlessness to it, yet when it infuses into us, it becomes an evolutionary catalyst for transformation and infusion of light.

In this article, my words are simply here to point to an experience beyond the text, to ignite a feeling from within, with anyone who resonates.

A fleeting moment in the here and now

Imagine for a moment that our eyes meet. We connect. Souls connect. The density of our physical, emotional and mental bodies, begin to momentarily fall away. There’s just love. Pure, unconditional love. Not seeking – it just is. It’s all accepting. Without judgement it cuts through our inhibitions and limitations. Together, for just a moment, we’ve effortlessly touched true, unconditional love. We’ve momentarily embodied the unconditional love that happens naturally when we transcend the limitations of the body and mind and connect, soul to soul.

When we experience this, as human beings, it’s often just for a moment, during a connection with another person, a creature, an element of nature or our spirit guides. Some of us feel it stronger or more readily than others. Yet, it’s there, within each of us, yearning to come into its fullness of being. It is longing to be experienced as a way of being, not just in fleeting moments, but in EVERY moment.

A separation from Source that leaves us constantly lacking

The old paradigm has owned ‘love’. It has tried to separate it. Box it. It has attempted to make it conditional, a reward for being good. The old paradigm has tried to ration and control love, twisting its meaning. It wants us to crave it, to never have enough, always wanting more. It needs to keep us enslaved.

Unconditional love doesn’t have an opposite

Unconditional love doesn’t have an opposite. It’s universal. It’s omni-present. It doesn’t fight. It cannot be owned or controlled. It doesn’t need to be earned. It’s always there, not balanced out by anything, because it is whole and complete within itself. True Love comes without judgement of ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The thing is, the moment love is controlled or labelled, it is not even love anymore. Love just is.

Feeling unloved is simply our disconnection from Source

When we feel unloved, unlovable or lacking in love, is because we have disconnected ourselves from the infinite Source of flowing universal life energy. In fact, the ONLY thing that stops us feeling love through every cell of our being – is our disconnection from Source. So to me, the important thing seems to be all about reconnecting with Source, so that we can tap into its infinite, ever flowing source of love. Once we truly ‘get’ that, then our search is over. Finding love doesn’t need to happen ‘out there’… instead, it becomes a surrendering ourselves back into whole and completeness.

How to find unconditional love from the Source

  • Pure, unconditional love is what I find at the core of my being when I let go of attachments.
  • It’s when I surrender the need to be loved, wanted, good enough, respected or valued.
  • It’s when I stop giving energy to negativity, self-defeat and the illusion of separation.
  • It’s when I honour my pain and my suffering through every cell of my being – yet feel the light at the heart of it all.
  • It’s when I embrace my limitations as opportunities to ‘be’, without judgement.

These are important keys. Love simply is – it’s ever present – always there.

As soon as we let go, we create the space for it to flood into every cell of our beings. Love is boundless, timeless; it’s an experience that transcends need, whilst rising beyond ego. It is free-flowing and universal – it can’t be captured – for it permeates through all things. It resonates at the heart of beings, whether we realise it or not.

Accepting myself as I am

Love starts by accepting myself, as I am, for who I am, for all my faults, without judgement. It’s when I see that my failures were simply opportunities to know myself better. It’s when all the times I’ve screwed up, become moments to stop, inhale deeply and realise that every moment is a new moment. It’s embracing that I am being the best I can right now, without comparing myself to anything or anyone else out there. It’s whole, complete beingness. We forgive ourselves. We open our hearts beyond measure. Then we feel the deepest depths of unconditional love for who we truly are. We can’t help but feel the same love and compassion for all other sentient beings, because we are interconnected – we are ‘breathed’ by the same Source.

Releasing attachments and raising our vibration

After surrendering into our wholeness and beginning to embody true love, it is only then, that the attachments that bind us to suffering can start to fall away.

The more we allow unconditional love to become a part of our beingness, the more it raises our vibration. Naturally, we begin to pave the way for a better world – a higher paradigm of living. The amazing thing is that this is something all of us can embrace, right away.

Being Love

Let’s rise up – soul to soul, bodies of light, with profound self-honesty and transparency. Let’s embody these qualities of true love. The more that we can embody these qualities, the more light and wholeness we bring into our lives, right here, right now.

I see you – you see me – with transparency and honesty. Nothing to hide. Nothing to be afraid of. The light of my soul honours the light of your soul.


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