You’ve probably already noticed that being happy or peaceful in the kitchen, mysteriously makes your food taste delicious. Well, there is a good reason for it. I consistently get comments from guests that eat my food on retreats like…

  • ‘I can really feel the loving energy in the food when I eat it’
  • ‘your food has a beautiful energy’
  • ‘I can feel the high vibes pulsing off the food’
  • ‘there is such a healing energy in your food’

To be honest, I used to think that people were being polite and just saying it because it was a cool spiritual thing to say, but I consistently get comments like this from different groups, from different cultures internationally, from all sorts of different backgrounds and eating habits. The energy with which we create our food is so important.

My goal with making conscious cuisine was always to express the light of my soul and to let it shine so that those with whom I cross paths with are reminded of the light of their soul too. My other goal was to show people how delicious ‘compassionate plant-based’ food can be and help to make the world a bit of a better place, because of that. So that’s where I am coming from with my conscious cuisine.

Everything is energy. The energy we are experiencing at the time of preparing food can make a big difference to the final outcome of a dish. If we feel ‘light’ and spacious within, then we essentially infuse ‘light’ into the food. If we feel dark and heavy then we infuse that energy into the food. When we eat the food we not only absorb the nutrients, but also the ‘energy’ infused into it. As well as the physical body, the energy of food also sustains us on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Trinity's food on retreat

Being in the kitchen is an incredible opportunity to embrace the art of everyday meditation in the most beautiful of ways; like a moving meditation of culinary inspiration. Not necessarily meditation in the traditional sense, of course… it’s not like you have to sit in a lotus pose on your counter. Meditation is about presence and awareness. It’s about feeling interconnected with the sacred flow of life. Conscious Kitchen meditating is more like a moving dance as you feel divinely inspired from one ingredient to the next. What a fabulous kind of meditation!

A person’s state of consciousness makes a big difference to the final outcome of a dish. It becomes a beautiful expression of our soul.

Being open and present in the kitchen

Our energy infuses into the food we are making. It’s just a fact of life. Everything is connected; everything dances (or stagnates) around and through us. The mind wanders, thoughts arise. How we are being; the place we are ‘coming from’ can really affect the food we are creating. So, when we create food consciously, we naturally commit to being present, so that the food we create is inspired by the energy of higher consciousness and love.

When we become present, everything changes. Being present means that we are in the moment, here and now. It means we are open and connected with the ow of universal life force energy. It means that this universal life energy is in turn infused into everything around us including the food that we create. The result is culinary alchemy of divinely inspired ingredients, infused with light. And ANYONE can ‘do’ it (of course, there is no ‘doing’, because being present is ‘being’)… you just have to stand out of our own way and commit to the moment.

I am just here to remind you of that which you innately know already. We are all awakening. None of this is about being perfect. It’s about being committed to having an open mind and heart. It takes time to cultivate these qualities. It’s about being committed to this moment right now, whenever we are preparing cuisine. It’s about noticing whenever our thoughts have wandered off, taking us away from the present moment and letting go.

How might we become present in the kitchen?

I’ve been creating conscious cuisine for the best part of 22 years and I taught myself a way of ensuring that I keep returning to presence. Before I start making food, I always check in with myself.

  • How do I feel?
  • What’s going on for me?
  • I acknowledge and accept my truth and my feelings, whilst committing to being present with my kitchen creations, without being lost or bothered by thoughts that I can’t do anything about right at this moment (I am more likely to solve issues later, after letting go anyway!).

Here’s what I do…

“I simply take a breath and close my eyes. This creates a defined pause as I move into a new activity. I let go of tension, re-centre, re-balance and stand out of my own way (metaphorically speaking of course). I focus on my breath, inhaling (energy) deeply through my crown chakra. Every cell of my being re-opens into the present moment once again, my being is filled with light. I exhale any tension on the out breath. I repeat, until I quickly become centred.

Every time I notice that my thoughts have wandered, I carry out this brief practice, stopping for a moment with what I am doing. It’s not only beneficial for my culinary endevours, but it has a ripple effect on my daily life. It means that no matter what is going on for me in life, I have a joyous, meditative practice at least two or three times a day. I’ll often do some spontaneous movement in the kitchen as I am working or as I move from cupboard to cupboard – just feeling how my body wants to move. Sometimes I’ll sing, other times I’ll dance. This is all part of meditation in motion. It’s what makes the food taste so good!”


Try this practice for being present, when you are creating food

  • Close your eyes and inhale deeply.
  • Relax your shoulders. Let go of tension through your body.
  • Focus on the rhythmic rise and fall of your breath as you inhale and exhale fully.
  • Allow your being to be lled with peace and calm.
  • Feel yourself centring, balancing and becoming present.Carry on creating in the kitchen, coming from this space of calm, presence. Whenever you notice that you lose presence and start thinking about something from the past or future, rather than being here and now focus on what you are creating, then stop what you are doing and repeat the steps above (or whatever works for you instead). Before long it will become natural and effortless. Your cuisine will beinspired by your soul and you’ll feel a massive difference that will bene t you andthose around you in so many ways.

How to make food with love when you have challenges going on in your life?

This has been an important part of my journey as I made a commitment to myself long ago, that no matter what is going on in my life, I will always come from a place of peace, calm and presence when I make food.

Here is a video vlog that I made about making food from the heart when you’ve got crazy shit going on in your life… because YES, it is possible.

I hope you found something in this article to inpsire you. Please feel free to spread the word and let the ripples spread outwards.

From my heart to yours

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