I’ve been wanting to share this recipe for ages. It’s so simple that I kept forgetting to post it here on my blog! Today I am sharing the basic recipe for making perfect yellow turmeric rice so that you can learn how to make this in a way that can’t go wrong. I’ve also created a helpful video tutorial, so be sure to scroll down and check that out too.

We are looking to get delightful, perfectly cooked individual grains of rice that don’t clump together. It serves beautiful hot, with curry or as a side dish. Alternatively, you can also enjoy this cold as a ‘limit is your imagination’ sort of base for a yellow rice salad.

I serve this regularly when I am looking after groups of people. It always excites me to see everyone’s eyes light up when they see that vibrant yellow colour.

How to make perfect yellow turmeric rice by Anastasia, Kind Earth - gluten-free, vegan

Turmeric is responsible for the vibrant yellow colour. I am using dried ground turmeric, although if you have got the fresh root then please do go ahead and use that instead.

Turmeric will leave your hands glowing yellow, so do be careful if you aren’t wanting that effect.

The health benefits of turmeric in brief

It’s well accepted these days that turmeric…

  • promotes healthy joint function
  • encourages glowing, clear skin
  • works as a powerful anti-inflammatory
  • encourages a healthy heart
  • improves memory
  • supports the digestive system
  • is a powerful antioxidant

The list of health benefits is remarkably long. There are reams of studies available online to show the effectiveness of turmeric (although unfortunately a lot of the studies have been done on animals). This amazing spice has been used successfully in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions for thousands of years and more recently in many other traditional cultures.

Turmeric and curcumin: One of the primary healing agents in turmeric is thought to be derived from it’s yellow/orange pigment curcumin. Many people use curcumin in isolation with admirable benefits. However, in true holistic style, I feel that for daily purposes, using the ‘whole’ turmeric spice, in fresh or ground form, is optimal for ongoing health and wellness.

OK so how do we make make perfect yellow rice?

The secret is not overcooking it (of course!). We are looking for that perfect cooked grain, not too soft, not too hard. We are also looking for ‘individual’ grains that don’t clump together.

The key here is rinsing off the starch. Some people do that before they start cooking. I find rinsing, much easiest to do at the end of the cooking process. I usually boil a kettle and then rinse the whole batch of rice through with a colander and shake the excess water off. You can also rinse with cold water if you are only using the rice for salad.

It is important to observe the cooking time on the rice packet (instructions are sometimes are accurate, sometimes not, so beware). I find with brown long grain rice that 30 minutes is usually perfect. Also bear in mind that the rice might cook a little more in the pan once you’ve strained the water off (if I am going to leave it for any length of time in a hot pot before serving, then I often put a fresh, clean towel on the top (and put the lid back on) or I do the same with a paper towel. This simply helps to absorb (or wick off) excess steam coming from the strained rice so that the rice doesn’t absorb the steam/water back into itself. 

I might also strain it *just* before it has finished cooking (especially if I am going to leave it for a little while before serving). It’s easy once you get the hang of it.

How to make perfect yellow turmeric rice by Anastasia, Kind Earth - gluten-free, vegan

Using yellow rice for salads

If you want to use this yellow rice for salad (which I so often do), then rinse through with cold water (or use your refrigerated, leftover rice from dinner the night before). Finely chop whatever you want to add. I often add finely chopped pepper, raisins, chives, herbs, seasoning, tomatoes or olives.

If you want to serve it as a hot accompaniment to curry, simply serve as it is as soon as it has cooked. Add seasoning if desired.

Another great option is to serve it alongside a veggie bake, with falafels, with nut and seed burgers or with salad. In which case I will often add peas for a fabulous green/yellow dance. I might add herbs and then season with salt and pepper or tamari. Just get creative (and please do let me know what ideas you come up with).

Watch my quick video tutorial and join me in my kitchen now to make this…

How to make perfect yellow turmeric rice by Trinity

How to make perfect yellow rice with turmeric and brown rice

Yield: 4 portions
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

How to make perfect yellow rice using only long grain rice, turmeric and water. Super easy to make and works well hot or cold.


  • 175g brown long grain rice (1 cup)
  • 1 teaspoon ground turmeric
  • 750ml water (3 cups)


  • Check out my video above for a quick tutorial on how to make this.
  • Add the rice, turmeric and water to a pan.
  • Place on the lid and bring the water to the boil.
  • Once boiling, turn down to simmer and leave the lid slightly ajar, to let the steam out and stop it boiling over.
  • Cook for approximately 30 minutes. Really important not to overcook, otherwise it will go mushy. You are looking for an 'al dente' texture, where the rice still has a nice bite and is not falling apart, yet is cooked all the way through.
  • Pour the rice into a colander or sieve and rinse thoroughly.
  • Use water to rinse through (this removes the excess starch, which is key in stopping it sticking together). Boil a kettle and use that water to rinse through (or if using for a salad then just rinse through with cold water).
  • Shake off any excess water before returning to the pan. Pop the lid back on if you want to keep it warm. If it will be a while before serving then place a couple of paper towels (or a fresh clean regular lint-free dish drying towel) on top of the rice to wick off the steam whilst it is waiting (you can also pop the lid back on with towel in place).
  • Add any desired seasoning and serve right away.
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    How to make perfect yellow turmeric rice by Anastasia, Kind Earth - gluten-free, vegan



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